10 movies about artificial intelligence, which is to look at each

The theme of artificial intelligence is very loved by many Directors of today. About thinking machines filmed countless films in completely different genres: action, philosophical parables, horror movies and so on. But I would like to especially highlight the 10 most interesting films that have to watch every.

I'm sure most of our readers watched all or almost all of the films on my list below. I want to note that this top 10 has been compiled solely based on my personal taste, and tastes, as you know, we all have different. I just physically could not include in the list of all the movies on this subject and tried very hard to highlight the most important for cinema in General, and the ones that left me with some indelible mark after viewing.

1. Artificial intelligence (2001)Steven Spielberg, loosely based on the story of Brian Oldis, will tell you about boy Android who was programmed to love. The main role in the film takes Haley Joel Osment, who at the time of this writing, has matured and recovered strongly. But in 2001, he was the perfect candidate for this role: a children naive face, high scholar's brow, eyes wide open. The audience was literally fascinated by this image. But the film is good not only for its actors but philosophical implications: can machines have feelings like a human? Can a boy robot to replace parents of the child? The answers to these and many other questions you will find in this film.

2. Blade runner (1984)the Cult film by Ridley Scott, where a whole generation of science fiction fans. An adaptation of one of the stories of science fiction writer Philip K. dick, the plot of which, however, was changed beyond recognition. Detective Rick Deckard is looking escaped from a space colony of cyborgs whose actions and motivations are a lot of questions. The role of a detective takes Harrison Ford, who in those years was rapidly gaining popularity after his star role in the fourth episode of Star Wars. At the moment, Ridley Scott started work on the sequel of the movie, so if you are not familiar with the original painting, now is the time to see it.

3. Bicentennial man (1999)Film shot on the novel by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg, tells the story of robot NDR-114, who for 200 years of living side by side with people, learn from them, and eventually begins to experience human emotions. A superb sci-Fi drama about how really illusory the line between machine and human. Also the film will appeal to fans of the actor Robin Williams, who fully surrendered his role in this movie.

4. The terminator (1984)Who doesn't love the terminator, a killer robot from the future, who definitely need your jacket and the motorcycle? Despite the fact that the title is only the first film in 1984, of course, your attention is worthy of the first two paintings of this series, which took Director James Cameron. All subsequent films is hardly a worthy continuation of the story of how artificial intelligence Skynet has destroyed all of humanity. It is the role of the terminator glorified Austrian athlete Arnold Schwarzenegger and instantly elevated him to acting's highest League. Next year needs to get a new film franchise, which should restart the series and give us completely different emotions. And yet – it is possible to remember the classics and revisit the original.

5. The matrix (1999)Continuing the theme of capture by the machines power on Earth, it is impossible to ignore the film from the Wachowski brothers (now brother and sister, of course) The Matrix. In 1999, this film impressed viewers and critics a bombshell, as it showed a bleak future of mankind, where machines use humans as an energy source. Incredible special effects and a deep philosophical subtext of the picture overnight, made it iconic. It is possible to judge at least because the elements of this film hundreds of times borrowed for his works dozens of other filmmakers around the world.

6. Nirvana (1997)a Very unusual film produced by France and Italy with Christopher Lambert in the title role. Programmer Jimmy is developing a video game Nirvana, but suddenly one of the heroes of the game ceases to obey the rules and finds his own consciousness. He begs his Creator to scrap the project and destroy all its data, so as to relive the same day inside the game again and again is incredibly difficult. Jimmy has to go on a dangerous journey to get to a giant Corporation where you installed the server with the game, and save your virtual friend from his intolerable burden. The picture is riddled with deep thoughts, but the shot is very intricate with a touch of surrealism than it might scare off some viewers.

7. I, robot (2004), Another adaptation of the works of Isaac Asimov. This time the picture was shot on the motives of his collection of short stories "I, robot". The plot of the film tells us about the everyday life of a COP in a future world which is investigating the violation of the "law of robots". According to this law, the robot has no right to raise hand on the person. The authorities are in horror, as if a robot was able to overcome this prohibition, then in the near future they can easily take control over all mankind. To deal with this so our hero will Smith, who famously blazing and witty jokes on the run.

8. On the hook (2008)Great non-stop action game that tells the story of what awaits humanity if all of us will follow a single artificial intelligence. The film is based on the story, which was written by Director Steven Spielberg. Unfortunately, he made the film Stephen couldn't due to an overloaded work schedule, but nevertheless his hand in the movie is clearly felt. Somehow it seems to me that the events of this film one day really will come true. After all, that's what it is, if you think about it.

9. She (2013)Fantasy romance Director spike Jonze tells the story of a lonely writer Theodore, who out of boredom gets himself a new learning operating system. He gives her the name Samantha and almost never parted with her either at home or away or at work. Imagine his surprise when he realizes that between him and Samantha had the warm feeling, similar to a real human love. This touching and intelligent story of man's relationship and the operating system will not leave anyone indifferent.

10. The machine (2013)'ll Tell you honestly, when I started to watch this movie, I had a feeling that I have a hack somewhere on the level of the channel TV-3. But after half an hour I could not tear myself away from the screen, and eventually received from viewing a great pleasure. The film tells about a scientist who by request of the British Ministry of defense is working on creating artificial intelligence for combat robots. Of course, in the course of the research, the execution fails unexpectedly, which turns everything on its head. Despite the fact that the film is based on a very small budget, it is felt in it a certain charm. In any case, we strongly recommend you to see this tape if possible.

Bonus to 10 of the above films I would like to add a few more points, which you can watch if you wish.

Short circuit (1986)my childhood was not the animated film WALL-E as Pixar in those years has simply not existed. But I loved the movie "Short circuit", telling about ridiculous little robot who gained self-awareness as a result of random circuit in his wiring. Initially, the creators of the robot was planning to use it for military purposes, but what to do with a piece of iron, which began to distinguish good from evil? Very good and positive film, which you can safely watch with the whole family.

Bad robot (2011)Short horror film with a length of just 13 minutes, which will tell you the story of a little robot helper Blinky. With its modest duration, this work raises much more important issues associated with artificial intelligence, than many feature films.

In the field of view (2011-2014)Is not a feature film, a science-fiction television series, which already has four seasons and still continues to go. It tells the story of the brilliant scientist Harold Finch, who by order of the Ministry of defense of the United States creates an artificial intelligence capable of real-time search among the citizens of potential participants in terrorist acts or other crimes. A sort of electronic "big brother" with unlimited power, who sees and hears everything, what people are doing. Very entertaining story, strong cast, Jonathan Nolan (brother of Christopher Nolan) as a writer and J. J. Abrams as producer of the project.

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