The familiar AIR hair irreplaceable.

Everyone knows about the healing effects of calamus root hair - with regular rinse it with broth hair becomes lush, bright and cease to fall. But it does not always get teas, so I have been practicing for several years aqueous extract. So,

in the morning (before work) 2 tablespoons heaped pharmacy calamus root pour a glass of cold water, stir and leave until the evening. Before dinner, the infusion bring to a boil, boil on low heat for 2-3 minutes and leave to cool (at this time enjoy afternoon tea). The resulting extract is necessary to pour into any convenient container - bottles, cans, etc., And store in the refrigerator.
Every day, in the evening (it is possible in the morning or in the afternoon, as it is convenient), you just need to moisten the roots of the hair with this solution (I use ordinary cotton wool - do sponzhik tight). Pre-required amount of exhaust heated in the microwave or on the stove. Hood to keep 3-4 days, then make a new one. In a month you will feel strengthened your braids and comb will remain clean. In addition, and dandruff disappears.

You can add to great effect:
10 bars of dry cloves (spice);
a piece of fresh ginger (with thumbnail);
dried calendula flowers;
aloe juice (in the chilled ready-hood).

Air + nettle
Even more salubrious effect has a water extract of the roots of calamus and dried nettle leaves. The stretching is done in the same way as above, but add the nettle leaf in the boiling water and insist half an hour under the hood. Strain, pour into a convenient container and put in the refrigerator. We use, as described in the previous recipe.

After 4 days, the hood must be changed to a new one. And if there are many, we do not pour out, and dilute with hot water and rinse hair after washing. This aqueous concentrate itself turns out - great helps when neither the strength nor the time to prepare teas, tinctures and do hair masks.


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