Rule two minutes to help stop postpone the case until later

Many of us are trying to overcome their laziness and habit of postponing things indefinitely. Psychologist Michael Litvak share one truly effective way - our Website he liked.

Postponed the case to tomorrow? Try usually two minutes. Businessman and photographer-explorer James Cleary told about a simple and effective strategy, which is able to use each. Its goal: to start doing the things you have long had to do, as well as to implement the plans, which is long overdue even begin. Rule two minutes overcomes laziness and procrastination. And it lets make it really easy. And from what it is.

Part 1: if it takes less than two minutes, do it now. h3> It's amazing how many pending cases could actually be done in two minutes or less. For example, wash the dishes immediately after eating, to throw the clothes in the washing machine, throw out the trash, clean up, send e-mail and so on. If the task takes less than two minutes, follow this rule: do it right now.

Part 2: when you want to learn a new habit, this should begin within two minutes. h3> Can all your goals be achieved in less than two minutes? Of course not. But every goal can be "started" in two minutes or less. It may seem that this strategy is too small for the great goal of life, but it is not.

This approach works for any purpose, and the reason for that - physics. As Sir Isaac Newton, objects at rest and remain at rest and objects in motion remain in motion. This is also true for humans as well as for the falling apples. A two-minute rule works for small and large goals because of the inertia of life. Once you start doing something, it is easier to continue to do so.

The rule related to the idea that a good case, is only the beginning.
Do you want to become a good writer? Just write a proposal (a two-minute rule), and gradually you will be able to write and for an hour.
Want to go to a healthy diet? Simply eat one piece of fruit right now (two-minute rule), and you will find inspiration and make a healthy salad.

Do you want to make reading a habit? Just read the first page of a new book. You will not notice as you will pass the first three chapters. Do you want to run three times a week? Just wear sneakers every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and leave the house, and so you put the beginning of the run, rather than eat another batch of popcorn.

Rule two minutes does not focus on results, but rather on the process, which leads to the result. The focus is on start. After all, the most important part of any new habit is the beginning, not only the first time, but not always, as the measures must be consistent.
Try it now.

Of course, it is difficult to argue that this rule will work in every case. But, and this is for sure, it will never work if you do not try. After all, the problem with most of the articles that we read is that we only consume information but rarely go to practice. This information can be used to start right now. So, what of what you need to do for a long time, you can do right now for two minutes?



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