Mother and child at the same time Died during childbirth ... But then doctors noticed incredible!

Christmas Eve brought a real miracle in the life of an American family. Mike's wife during childbirth sudden cardiac arrest occurred. The doctors did everything they could to save her. Do not get the results of resuscitation, they decided to save at least the baby.

Mike was present at the birth of his wife Tracy. He held her hand and felt that she was icy ... But the test is not over. Trying to save the child, doctors discovered a horrible thing: just born baby, too, was not breathing, his heart stopped beating when he was born. Mike was desperate - he died in front of the most expensive people in his life. According to him, the man felt at that moment that his life has stopped ....

Pronounced dead woman. Tracy's heart suddenly stopped, she absolutely was not breathing and her skin acquired a pale gray. We lost all signs of life.

What happened next, doctors call this a miracle. Tracy's heart suddenly began to beat again, and after a second heart beat and newborn baby!

Doctors still can not explain the reasons for what happened. Prior to that, a woman had no heart problems.

A few days later Tracy was discharged. Mom and baby are doing well. The whole family is grateful for the life that has become a real Christmas present.


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