Symptoms of male love.

Men's psychology of love, and in the whole of life is calmer than the female. Man is by nature less emotional than women, which is often wrongly interpreted as a lack of feeling. What are the signs you can see the man's love?

First. If the joint man talking increasingly uses the pronoun "we" instead of "I" - a sure sign of his feelings. He had unconsciously looks at you as something whole and sharing, and this is very important.

Second. When a man really loves, he tries as much as possible to spend more time with his beloved by sliding joint gatherings with friends and fishing trips. But there is one exception - work. When it is delayed at work late (if it is really necessary), in any case not worth the allegations and to put before a choice, "or I, or a job." This is the first just silly, and secondly there is a rather big chance that he chooses not to you.

Third. If a man really loves a woman, he would never deny her desire to "play his toys." Writing in the enjoyment by women of their car, a computer, a cell phone or a watch - is a small but important sign of male love.

Fourth. As strange as it may sound, but any relatively serious quarrel - it is also an indication of men's feelings. Quarrel and quarrel with a woman is a man only if he intends to continue to be with her. But if your man just prefer to leave the house at the time of explanation of the relationship - a sign of his lack of interest in you.

Fifth. If a man begins to not only start a conversation about the future together, but for this to take some action, so he has decided to build this future. Moreover, these actions may be minimal, such as repairing a leaky faucet or buy pot - it's not so important (for the men). The main thing - that they have.

Sixth. One of the main signs of this love of man - it agreed to a joint household activities. Such is the psychology of a man in love, that sharing cooking dinner or room cleaning mean to him very much. And if it is for you even began the night hanging socks on the chair, then he is almost ready to go to the registrar :)


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