His marriage broke up, but he learned a lot. 20 tips for men, how to keep a woman

Gerald Rogers, an American journalist and business coach, has lost the woman he loved because of the many errors committed in marriage. Now, when the relationship broke up, Gerald rethink their behavior and brought twenty tips that would like to give to all men who want to save their marriage and love. < Website sharing with you these tips.

Obviously, I'm not an expert in relationships. But some experience, I got a divorce, got me thinking: "What would I do differently if I had a second chance?" I lost the woman with whom he lived together for almost 16 years. And I would not want you to repeat my mistakes.

1. Never stop to take care of her h2> My biggest mistake was that I took his woman for granted. When you ask her to marry you, you probably have been assured that will always fight for her heart to protect it. But over the years these promises are forgotten.
Your wife - the most important treasure of your life. You yourself have chosen it for myself. Do not forget about it. And do not be lazy to maintain their love.

2. Protect your heart h2> You must be an advocate not only of her heart but also of her own. Protect it from other women with great care. Love yourself and do not waste your time on trifles. No one should claim to your heart, but your wife. She, on the contrary, must penetrate into it at the first request.

3. Fall in love. Again and again and again h2> You are constantly changing. You are no longer the same man who married. After five years, you will not be where I am today. Changes - constant, so you have to consciously choose a life with each other every day. Fight, win her love - just as you did in the first few weeks after meeting her.

4. Always look for the best in it h2> Focus your attention on the fact that you love it, not on what you have in it annoying. Only in this case, your love will continue to grow. Focus on those moments in your life when you felt completely loved and completely happy. You married her for a reason.

5. Do not try to change it. It's not your problem h2> - Your task is simply to love it. Do not attempt to adjust the parameters of its identity for themselves. Do not break it. And then she had to change so that you'll love it even more.

6. Take full responsibility h2> Take full responsibility for your emotions to yourself. Your personal happiness - is not taking care of your wife. It can not make you happy, if you do not want to. You are responsible for ensuring that all members of your family were happy. If you can be happy, happy, and it will, and your whole family.

7. Do not remove the evil h2> If you are upset or angry with your wife, it is only your personal emotions and your own choice. Your emotions - it is your responsibility.

Your woman is not required to heal your childhood trauma, or run after you with an emotional "bib." If necessary, take a break, stay in isolation and understand yourself. Once you stabilize your emotional background, so you will immediately notice that the relations in the family began to build.

8. Let your woman simply live h2> When she was in a bad mood or terribly upset, do not try to fix it immediately. Her positive attitude - it's not your job. Angry, angry, and discouraged from time to time - this is normal.

Women are so arranged that perceive the world overly emotional. There is nothing you can do about it. But let her know that you can always rely on. When it cools down, you will realize that you are - a strong and strong-willed man. What she can trust you: because you can not run away from the apartment whenever she is upset. Give her the confidence that you will be by her side no matter how often she roars and the difficulties she faced happen.

9. Be silly h2> Do not take yourself too seriously. Better to laugh more often. And makes her laugh. Laughter makes life easier.

10. Penetrate into her soul every day h2> Learn what really makes her feel loved and client. If necessary, make a list of ten things that make her happy life. Make it a priority. Try every day to make her feel like a queen.

11. Presence in her life h2> Be careful with her life. If she says something to you, you listen. Do whatever you need to communicate with her in the evening with an empty head. Treat it as if it - your most valuable client at work.

12. Take her sexuality h2> Do not just about having sex as a way to relieve stress. Intimacy - is the ability to penetrate the deepest level of the soul. Allow yourself to melt into tenderness. Let her know that you can trust 100% - and in bed and in life.

13. Do not be an idiot, but do not be afraid sometimes to become h2> You will make mistakes. It will make mistakes. Have the courage to admit it, in order to prevent an even bigger mistake. You do not have to be perfect. But you should not look like a fool 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

14. Give her personal space h2> Give her free time. Allow her to meet with friends and have a hobby. Give her a chance to nourish his soul with energy. More often stay with their children. Give her a chance to relax and unwind. She needs to rest as much as you.

15. Be vulnerable h2> Be ready to share it with their fears and feelings. Admit your mistakes.

16. Be absolutely honest with her h2> If you want to have between you trust, be willing to share it all - especially those secrets that you never shared with anyone. This requires courage. But only after you fully open your heart, you will begin between true love. Wear a mask indefinitely, but remove it when returning home.

17. Never stop growing together h2> stagnant pond - a hotbed of malaria, and quickly rushing flow is always cool and fresh. Atrophy - a natural process for the muscles that are not used. Exactly the same happens with the relationship. If you stop working on them, they inevitably fade. Find common goals and dreams. Make overall plans. And work on implementing them together.

18. Do not worry about money h2> Money - a resource that you have to manage as a team. They never help, if you are afraid to use them. Learn to trust your partner. And remember to hide the money from his wife "to stash" - is mauvais ton.

19. Learn to forgive and forget h2> Farewell quickly and never remember old grudges. Focus on the future and do not let the past hold you hostage. Keep track of errors that did, but only for practical purposes. Not reflectors. The errors committed in the past can become a heavy anchor for your marriage. On the other hand, forgiveness - releases. Simply cut the anchor chain and swim away into the distance without looking back.

20. Always choose love h2> In the end, this advice may be the only one. Use it as a guiding principle of his life, through which you can change everything. Nothing will be able to compromise your happiness. Love always sustain. And all suffer.

Marriage - it's not "and they lived happily ever after." This is a job. This willingness to continually invest in their relationship. The only way they can pass the test of time. Work on relationships, and happiness will come.

This is a lesson that I realized too late.

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