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Growing lips h2> «Kiss of nature" is the only one of its kind, and nowhere else in the world, the flower is not found something like that. This sublime Psychotria (Psychotria Elata) - Flower in the form of red lips.


Glossy red leaves are the main attraction of the ideal plant pollinators - butterflies and hummingbirds that drink the nectar and pollen transferred from flower to flower. "Lips" grow in the forests of Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and now are threatened with extinction because of deforestation.

Live List h2> Whether a sheet, or a twig. This is actually a fabulous ploskohvosty gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus). Its length is about 10 cm. In order to strengthen the already camouflage coloring, geckos slightly swaying, reminding leaf shaken by the wind. In the terrarium, where there is no wind, it looks more than funny.


Painted Mountain h2> Terrain Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park (in Chinese "pink cloud") in China called a unique type of the earth's surface, which is characterized by red sandstone and steep cliffs created by nature. Multi-colored mountains in China, formed from sandstone and red conglomerate of the Cretaceous period (about 120 million years ago to about 65 million years ago). They hold a lot of dinosaur fossils and the remains of plants that period.


Underground caves of Cappadocia h2> Ancient underground caves of Cappadocia in the territory of modern Turkey were once inhabited. Steep slopes, carved into the soft tufa premises is a disguise, secret underground world.


It had all the necessary facilities: accommodation, ventilation shafts and wells, barn and stables, kitchens and dining rooms, bakery, presses for extraction of oil and grapes, barns and cellars, churches and chapels, as well as workshops, which produced everything necessary. There are indications that the underground city was even a cemetery.

Butterflies 88 and 89 h2> Kallikory - unusual butterflies that live in Central and South America. Their wings are decorated with figures - 88 and 89, depending on the subspecies. The natives consider meeting with her sign of good luck.


Ingrown bike h2> This mysterious bike that grew into a tree, located on the island Vashonv Washington. It is said that in 1914, the young lad went to war, leaving his "two-wheeled friend", chained to a tree trunk. But the guy did not return from the First World and the tree had no choice but to grow together with the bike. Decades have passed, and the animate and inanimate fused together.


«Live bridges» h2> In the area of ​​the town of Cherrapunji in northeast India, which is located at an altitude of 1300 meters and is considered the wettest place on earth, bridges grow roots kauchukonocnogo ficus. The process of "building" lasts 10-15 years. Live bridges can reach a length of 30 meters and can withstand the weight of more than 50 people.


Lusk, in the woodpecker flying h2> In one of the parks of British photographer managed to capture the amazing scene: a woodpecker flying with affection on his back. And although it looked funny, it was really about the survival of the woodpecker. Lasky feed on small rodents and birds, and if a woodpecker is not found possible to reset the predator's back - the peregryz to his throat.


About 20 meters away from the observer bird landed. Freed from the burden of the danger, the woodpecker flew up and disappeared into the branches of a tree.

Snow tubing h2> These smoking pipes are formed in areas of severe volcanic activity. In the Arctic regions of steam coming out of the ground freezes, forming snow tube around volcanic vents. It looks very fabulous.


Snake - not a snake h2> This is the caterpillar. But at the moment it becomes a threat to the snake, skilfully imitating her appearance and movement, pulling her feet and blowing head. Clutching hind legs in a tree, it raises the front part of the body and bent like preparing to throw poisonous snake.


The triangular head, fierce eyes and shiny scales - all this creates a rather menacing, which often deters potential enemies. Who is going to communicate with the "Predator»?

Goats in the tree h2> Gone in these photos may seem photoshop, but Morocco really live goats, which are able to climb trees. In this country, few pastures and hungry animals have to "feed" on the tree called Argan.


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