Discrimination against the real and imaginary

In an experiment conducted in 1993 Major and Krukerom, several women had put on face make-up, showing the large, ugly scars. They were given a look at yourself in the mirror and said that in this way they will have to hold a conversation with strangers.

Before they were sent to the meeting, they have imposed another layer of protective moisturizer and under this pretext, removed the artificial scars without notifying the subjects.

When women were asked how the meeting went. Although none of the face was not visible flaws (because the "scars" have already been removed), many were told that they were from the companion way or other forms of discrimination, and were even able to accurately tell what the words and actions of the source used with the aim of offending.

In this case, it did not take any real reason - women just know that they belong to a group subjected to discrimination, and that was enough for them to feel themselves the victims of discrimination.


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