No one knows why the trees in this forest grew so strange

This mysterious forest in Poland, located near the town of Gryfino in the vast area of ​​1, 7. Name of his correspondence - "Crooked Forest" .Ego planted in 1930, and 10 years later noticed a strange anomaly that could not explain - tree trunks < synchronous curved

Today, there are several interesting versions of the appearance of the pine forest. According to both, it was planted in the 30-ies of the last century. In the first story featured the Germans, who inhabited the land before the Second World War. They said that they carried out some scientific experiments. But no one can say for sure whether this is because none of archival documents to this day never came.

According to the second legend, a local grower wanted to grow a forest, where no one could get lost and decided to bring the trees, wrapped in the north. However, his plans did not please her master - the Second World War.

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