20 coolest tips on how to prolong the life of your favorite clothes

Often favorite thing perishable only because we store it properly, hang properly, improperly cleaned or erase the wrong surface. And got it out of the closet - like thing not old, not worn, but the form does not have ... to such cases as little as possible, Website publishes a cheat sheet for the storage of things that you will definitely come in handy!

1. How not to stretch the shoulders on a sweater on the shoulders h3> Fold the sweater in half lengthwise (will sort polusviter with one sleeve), flip the hanger hook and lay down under the armpit. After a one-shoulder hanger perekin'te the bulk of the sweater, and then tuck the sleeves through the second shoulder.

2. Old pillowcases instead of covers for clothes h3> Fold the pillow in half vertically, cut a small corner - it will be opening for the hanger. Bottom, where the open sections, sew pieces of Velcro. Here and ready to cover your clothes.

3. Use the correct hanger h3> To the shoulders do not pull on the clothing, use a broad hanger connect several narrow together.

4. Use hangers size h3> If the rack is too long, stretched areas may appear on the sleeves of sweaters and jackets. Buy short shoulders.

5. To leave a fluffy sweater villi h3> Fold the sweater in a plastic bag with a zipper and clean for 3-4 hours in the freezer. Now you can wear a sweater, and not be afraid that the villi remain on clothing or furniture.

6. Close the zipper before washing h3> zippers on clothing must be closed before washing, otherwise they can damage fabric teeth.

7. To jeans do not fade h3> To jeans and other clothes do not fade during the wash together, turn everything on the left hand, it will eliminate the friction face of the fabric and eliminate the loss of color.

8. Salt helps preserve the color h3> When washing bright things, add a pinch of salt into the drum to clothing remained bright as long as possible.

9. Retains the shape of shoes h3> Type in your shoes pieces of paper or paper - because you will not only maintain the form, but also to ensure good drying.

10. To rag footwear is waterproof h3> Rub the entire surface of the shoe rag with beeswax, and then treat the surface of a hairdryer in the mode of hot air - it will melt the wax and cloth to soak evenly. Wait 5 minutes and can be worn.

11. Let black is black h3> To hide the stains on the dark clothes, remaining from accidental whitening, just paint over them with black permanent marker.

12. In order to Capron was not hated arrows h3> Take a new pair of pantyhose, wet with tap water and gently squeeze (lightly!). Now fold the stockings in a package with a fastener and remove in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning remove the tights, let them soak at room temperature and can be worn. Puffs and arrows now you hardly scary.

13. And again for tights h3> Another way to keep the tights safe - treat them with a thin layer of hairspray.

14. To buttons remained in place h3> buttons will help strengthen the nail polish. Just apply a clear varnish to the place where button is sewn with thread - the thread is now unlikely to be erased, and the button accidentally lost.

15. Bra fastens behind h3> Many buttoned bra wearing them backwards, and then turn over the correct underwear and threaded arms through the straps. Such a method of quickly pulls bra that loses all shape and form. To avoid this, wear the right bra and fastens from the back (have to work out, if you can not keep his hands behind his back).

16. The patch against departing seed h3> Very often in bras bones penetrate tissue and unpleasant, and sometimes very painful rub the skin. To improve the situation, insert the bone in place and cover the gap with a piece of tissue adhesive.

17. Not always conditioner helps h3> fabric softener must not be used for fabrics with special properties (for example, moisture absorption), such fabrics often make clothes for sports. Mitigating properties conditioner will reduce the effectiveness of special materials.

18. Dry the clothes in the room h3> To prevent damage to things when drying centrifuge in the washing machine and do not wait for a sunny day to dry them in the street, in the house of a special pull rope. Such a process, of course, is not new, but increasingly forgotten. For added convenience, can be attached to a rope and carabiners to receive a removable structure.

19. Wash clothes properly h3> If you do not have a special container or bag for washing bras with stones and lace underwear, using for this purpose an ordinary pillowcase.

20. Vodka against chronic odors h3> to things out of the closet smelled musty and not old age, sprinkle them with a mixture of one part vodka and two parts water.

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