Watch the happy people - they enjoy their lives as children.

Your happiness originally signed in you. All the rest - it is the substitute, as it were doubtful sounds at first glance. When you feel good - the whole world of the rainbow when you feel bad - the world is filled with dark colors. On the other hand - everything is interconnected. Think and decide for themselves how to rediscover the charm of the world who admire every day
Thousands of happy people and which is so well learned to ignore people miss this wonderful feeling.

I'll give you a hint. As a child, all the world was one big mystery. Growing up, you were filled with a sense of misunderstanding - if you are able to fully understand the structure of the world, things, people, and finally - the universe.

It all starts in school. Sciences like Biology, Physics, Chemistry - give you the power of nature and matter, but deprived of its most charming - cover of mystery and secrecy.

Over time, scoring his head with all sorts of science and scientists, you will either begin to think - that you fully understand what was going on, or feel that thoroughly confused.

In fact, you're not coming down with the place. You have remained a child deep inside, just need to awaken this feeling of childhood, a sense of mystery and wonder of the world, his sense of magic and mystery - and happiness to you again knocking the door.

Watch the happy people - they enjoy their lives as children.


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