7 products that cleanse the body better than any MEDICATIONS:

№1 beetroot
This is a "cleaner" organism №1. Firstly, it contains fiber, phosphorus, copper, vitamin C, and a number of organic acids which enhance the "movement" of foods and eliminates "bad" putrefactive bacteria in the gut. Secondly, it is composed of lipotropic substance "betaine" which causes the liver to better get rid of toxins. And, thirdly, beets helps to rejuvenate the body by folic acid (created more new cells) and quartz (improves skin, hair and nails).

How to eat: cooked in soup, in salads, in the form of juice (at first can interfere with carrot).

№2 cabbage
It contains large amounts of dietary fiber, which help to "bind" the heavy metals and toxins, and then remove them from the intestines. Moreover, it is rich in organic acids to improve digestion and normalize the microflora of the digestive organs. But that's not all. In very rare cabbage contains vitamin U. This "neutralizes" the dangerous chemicals involved in the synthesis of vitamins and even heals ulcers.

How to use: fresh, in the form of juice.

In one clove of garlic contains more (!!!) 400 useful components. They reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood and clean the vessels and kill cells of glioblastoma multiforme (a cause of brain cancer) destroys diphtheria, tuberculosis bacillus and Helicobacter pylori (the cause of stomach ulcers), "Conclusions" worms, etc.

How to use: fresh, in the form of a hammer.

№4 onions
Its main value - volatile contained in essential oils. These substances are only a few seconds can kill many bacteria and fungi. Furthermore, onion improves digestion and absorption of nutrients and even appetite. A large amount of sulfur can effectively neutralize and remove "all harmful».

How to use: fresh in a salad.

Because of pectin and fiber, apples normalize the entire digestive system - "bind" toxins, improve appetite, stimulates the production of gastric juice, relieve constipation, etc. In addition, apples killing agents of dysentery, Staphylococcus aureus, Proteus, influenza A viruses

How to use: fresh with the skin (if its with apple trees in the form of juice and grated, "mush" in the form of decoction.

№6 Avocado
Unfortunately, the properties of the "south" of the fruit are almost unknown to the general public. Avocado contains a remarkable substance "glutathione" which blocks about 40 different carcinogens, "unloading" the liver. Furthermore, it normalizes blood cholesterol, improve digestion, tissue oxygen supplies, etc.

How to use: fresh.

This is perhaps one of the most powerful "natural" antibiotics and antiviral agents that effectively cleanse the bladder and urinary tract from harmful bacteria. No less important is the fact that cranberries "struggling" with the formation and development of cancer cells, as well as the appearance of blood clots and plaque in blood vessels.


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