Today more than ever there is a question about the cleanliness of the home. Fumigation house herbs - a very powerful way to cleanse the space, which people used for a long time.

Poor, when the house is no power, but when it is filled with negative energy - even worse. It brings not only fatigue and irritability, quarrels and leakage of money, but also sickness and even destruction of the family. That's why the house must be cleaned from time to time. Make a clean energy should be 3-4 times a year, like usual general cleaning the apartment.

When quarrels, stress, etc. We formed around the primary heavy thought forms - all this and hanging "energy clusters" around the house.

• Sage is a powerful purifier.

The smoke drives away the negative energy generated as a result of quarrels, severe emotional distress, clears space.
After the sage is recommended wormwood, she would neutralize the remnants of "mental dust" after the sage.

Wormwood helps clean "atmosphere" of irrelevant outside influences - someone else's or your own thoughts "is not the case." Fumigation wormwood able to drive out of the house almost any evil.

It is used for the fumigation of the sick household. If a sprig of tarragon hang over the front door, or put in a vase, then this will be enough to protect your home.

• Juniper

Cleanses the atmosphere and expels various undesirable effect, protects the house, it protects against damage and other magical attacks, clears energy, cleans and freshens the air. The disinfecting effect is known since ancient times - the smoke of juniper in the villages disinfected cellar barrels for salting treated, fumigated pesthouse.

• St. John's wort

Protects against negative entities and corruption, as it is one of the strongest antidemonic plants, protects the house from negative energies and attacks of evil people, cleanses the space not only from harmful vibrations and layers of negative energy, but also on the presence of evil spirits.

• Incense

Very simple and pleasant way to liven up the room - is to light a stick of incense when you clear the room. The smell will penetrate into your room, filling it is not only pleasant aroma, but also by helping to clear the space. Scents that you use, are very important. The energy varies from one situation to another, and change accordingly to your needs in a variety of scents.

• For the complete expulsion of harmful entities

Purification should be carried out in 2-3 stages. Take a mixture of 4 parts of juniper, pine needles 2 pieces (or cedar) and 1 part of cloves. Okur this mixture at room doors and windows closed, let stand, then fully ventilate.
The next stage - Final cleaning - fumigation sage and wormwood. After this procedure, the expulsion, of course, does not hurt just to tidy up the room, wash the floor, etc.

• How to conduct fumigation?

If the plants have been linked during drying in a bundle, first set fire to one end. When a flare up, blow out the fire. Bunch should continue to smoke. Keep a bundle of some fire-resistant dish should be next to a bucket of water to extinguish once it was possible, if something is wrong.

If you are perfumed with pine needles or broken-leaf plants, from the practice - take a candle in metal cabinets, put in a low jar ignite. On top of the jar put a small metal sieve.
Pour in the strainer needles or leaves. How to begin to smoke, start to move around the room and fumigate. For this "structure" must follow in order to avoid fire.

• Remember that the smokiness should be very strong.
Start working clockwise from the eastern corner of the room, point the smoke around the room, the main thing - filling the room with smoke.

From personal experience - the best smelling juniper. But the best smokes salvia - such smokiness is it that once running up the neighbors.

Also fumigation removes all sorts of wonderful energy pollution ordinary coarse salt. Sprinkle it in the corners for 2-3 days, after collect and drain into the toilet.

That such a practice on energy cleansing of space and body. It is recommended to conduct regular and also when necessary - a serious illness households, big quarrel in the house, a large crowd of people.


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