About quarrels.

My today's opus is dedicated to quarrels. I led me to this point the story of my good friend. It is located about half a year in the relationship. Hardly a week goes by that they do not potsapalis. And each firmly confident in its absolute and peremptory right. (As is always the case).

I'll start from the beginning. Relationship without quarrels do not happen. No illusions. We are really so different that my question remains: how do we (I mean EM and WO) can all get along (live) together? There are no prerequisites for this is not, strictly speaking.

Men and women in scandals and feel are diametrically opposed. The girls need to talk over the issue. (That's why we have to honor babskie gatherings over a glass of tea). Boys need to understand the issue. Therefore, if your pious reading your list of claims, silently goes to the bathroom and stays there for a certain number of times, do not pull it, do not knock the door (I assure you, he's not cut the veins), not whine at the door. Quiet self-destructs and wait, when His Majesty make its verdict.

Second. Learn to clearly verbalize what you do not like. This is what I wrote a lot and hard in this article.

Third. The partner of my friend every quarrel asks her to pack up and "go out of his life forever." "Well, what is that on the dick?" - You want me to ask him. You did when arguing with their parents or with your children is not running to seek new! Why is there such a global exception to the rule? Another thing, if he does not want to continue the relationship, then do not need to make a girl's head. But if you decide "I'm getting married, what could be the toy?", Then go ahead with the song. It must become a family man. One for life.

"Emotional swings" in my opinion, one of the most sophisticated torture married. By the way, I'm not one think so. Anton Sivers on this subject even the film removed. So it called "Swing". Look at your leisure.

Fourth. If we have clashed, not worse. Do not provoke a partner later come to work, lack the weekend, demonstrative silence, and so on and so forth. You do when you have torn your favorite sweater, once you run it darn well not to break it in the trash and do not throw in the trash. But if the "me he always liked," it is quite another matter. Then throw without regret.

Relationships - this is not easy. A happy relationship - it is not easy. The soul of the soul can only live nesting dolls. But! Bird of happiness there. Some people have even seen it, and some of its tamed. It all depends on the two of you and no one else.

I was lucky. I live with a clever man, who when I yell, beat the dishes, and generally behave in every way inadequate, comes up to me and whispers in your ear: "Darling, the mat is less." But it was not always so. The turning point came when we realized that, together, forever, in the rigid coupling to each other and shake the nerves of us was just not interested.

Summarizing. Quarrels relations have been and will be. But how do you get out of them, "with the shield or on it" depends on you, well, by your man, of course. Just do not let these "events" to destroy what you have. Believe me, in the world of the little things, because of which stands to lose what you truly love.

Good luck!


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