15 rules of successful women.

Rule 1. Do not hide your age. It is absolutely pointless.
How is it in the song? "My years - my wealth!ยป.

Rule 2: Learn to say "no." It is, frankly, a very important skill. Do not abandon their plans because a friend asked her to sit with children on the weekend, and you could not refuse.

Rule 3. A successful woman will not try to forget their mistakes and will learn from them. Do not forget that the negative experience - experience it too.

Rule 4. A successful woman does not fulfill the role of vests. Why do you have to spend precious time listening to 3 o'clock in the morning, as a friend is killed because of another suitor?

Rule 5. In order to success turned to face you, you must always have an opinion, even when against your point of view, are the thousands.

Rule 6. A woman calling success, she sets himself goals and achieve them. You can start small. For example, it may be a goal to train yourself to do exercises every morning.

Rule 7. Do not stop there. Seek his vocation, doing things you love.

Rule 8. successful women have a hobby. It can be dancing, ikebana classes, yoga, finally.

Rule 9. Psychologists proved that a woman who is hiding under your clothes amazingly beautiful clothes, feels an average of 50% more confident. Therefore, Dari himself underwear.

Rule 10 violates the rules, what can be more interesting? And if it is also your own rules?

Rule 11. A successful woman is simply obliged to be able to quickly transform. In order to look stylish next season, begin to prepare for this and succeed.

Rule 12. Help parents are not less important than love itself. This can be a support material and an active part of their lives. Moreover, the second is preferable.

Rule 13. Try not to neglect your family. Your pet also wants you to be close.

Rule 14. The visit beauty salons. This not only helps you look more beautiful, but also of optimism for the entire week.

Rule 15. Rejoice any weather. The more joy, the easier and more interesting to think life.


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