10 "alternative" foods for a healthy diet.

To keep myself in good shape and be healthy, do not need to restrain themselves or to make sacrifices.
It is important to make a conscious decision to eat what you like, including the diet of delicious foods that help your body function better and not gain extra weight. Choosing a healthy, nutritious food will be completely natural for you, once you learn when and how to introduce them into your diet. A healthy lifestyle begins when useful food becomes a habit.


Most know that the fruit juice (even if they are fresh and made in compliance with all technologies), in fact, is not that useful. Often fruit juices are packed with sugar and sweet syrup that trigger our body to produce excess fat and set aside. Choose the water instead of juice with fresh fruit. This will help you not to stock "is packed with calories" daily.

SOUR CREAM → Greek yogurt

Low-fat Greek yogurt has a delicate, mild flavor. His consistency is roughly similar to the sour cream, even a little bit thicker. Greek yogurt acts as a nice substitute for sour cream, while having a low calorific value. One cup of fat-free Greek yogurt contains about 130 calories and 0 g of fat, while one cup of sour cream contains more than 450 calories and fat in '45 This is a significant difference!

MAYONNAISE → avocado puree

Enjoy all sorts of meals with sauces? Then consider: two tablespoons of mayonnaise contains 115 calories, saturated fat and 200 mg of sodium, while in 1/4 of a Avocado - only 80 kcal. And its fantastic health benefits: Avocado leads the list of anti-aging products because it contains a useful vegetable fat, vitamin E, and glutathione - a powerful antioxidant that supports the saturation of the body kislorodomi potassium, which supports the skin and blood vessels in good condition. No wonder some believe guacamole - pyurirovannuyu Avocado - a "super-food».

White rice → CINOA

Quinoa - is a unique cereal - contains more protein than any other grain. On average, 16, 2% (compared with 7, 5% in rice). This South American herb also contains all nine essential amino acids the body. Furthermore, quinoa is rich in phosphorus (three times larger than in rice, and is not inferior to many kinds of fish), iron (twice the wheat), calcium, zinc and fiber.

Rice is rich in carbohydrates. Calories per serving of rice is slightly smaller than the same portion of the quinoa. But immediately after eating carbohydrates turn into sugar, and later - because the energy is not spent in full - fat. Quinoa is processed very efficiently, providing fuel from pure protein body. Therefore, in a dispute with rice and many other grains, it still wins.

Tomato ketchup → FRESH crushed tomatoes

It would seem that what is wrong with tomato ketchup - it's just the tomatoes? But no. Tomato ketchup often contain large amounts of sugar, and sometimes, and other obscure ingredients that you just do not need when you're trying to maintain a healthy diet. Choose fresh, diced or crushed tomatoes. At least that way you'll know exactly what put it into his mouth. And it will not contain countless unneeded sugars that only stimulate your body to produce and store fat.


Theoretically, any one kind of bread can not be called "good." Ideally, it should be polbyanoy bread or bread made from sprouted grains, which undergo minimal processing, keeping the greatest amount of vitamins and nutrients. But this bread is very hard to find on the shelves of conventional stores, and it will cost is not cheap.

Therefore, for their sandwiches instead of sliced ​​white bread, choose the best pita bread. It fewer calories than white bread, low fat, but there are iron and calcium. Unlike pita white bread does not have virtually no nutritional value.

Mashed potatoes → cauliflower puree

Compared with potatoes cauliflower is a much better option for every day for a number of obvious reasons. The cauliflower contains minerals and vitamins such as C, K, B1, B6, potassium, sodium, fiber, folic acid ... The list goes on and on. The climax of the usefulness of cauliflower puree for your health is very low calorie compared to potato pyureshkoy.

Rye scones → tortilla corn flour

One average corn tortilla contains only 40 calories and 5 grams of fat, while cakes from rye flour - 110 calories and fat 2, 5, the difference is obvious! Not to mention the fact that rye cakes contain too copious amounts of sodium, unlike corn flour tortillas.

SWEET POTATO FRIES → baked potato

French fries is bad for obvious reasons: it contains a lot of saturated fat and carbohydrates, which the body no good do not bring. Another thing -batat - sweet potatoes. The next time you want a snack of French fries, sweet potato bake in the oven. You will save a huge amount of calories and get a hefty dose of vitamins and nutrients that are so beneficial to the organism: A, C, protein and fiber.

Wholegrain Pasta PASTA →

Any difference in content of calories that the paste that whole grain pasta - no. But conventional pasta are virtually no nutritional value, while the whole grains contain up to 7 g dietary fiber and 8 g of protein. This means eating noodles, spaghetti or horns of whole grain flour, your body gets more of the nutrients necessary for its healthy functioning and burn excess fat.

Such products are, of course, can not be found in stores. However, with a strong desire they can still be found in large supermarkets ... Another thing is that laziness. But those who seriously think about their health and future - not laziness.

It never hurts to remember the existence of substitute products in order to use them, if not regularly, at least periodically. For starters, you can try to do something simpler, such as Guacamole or anything of whole grain pasta. Over time, this will become a habit. The main thing - pay attention to what you eat, and have fun!


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