10 cases unloved at home: choose the suitable and learn more about his character!

Each do list there is a hierarchy: as a rule, we reserve the most unloved classes later. The fact that a mistress - mere flour, for another it may be a fun experience.

It's funny, but even the most beloved work at home can tell you something about a person's identity. Of course, this is not a scientifically proven fact, but every joke has some truth ... So look at the list of task that you most do not like, and would rather read the description!

Domestic duties Clean up litter box
Of course, it's hard to find someone who would love this job. But most owners prefer to deal with this "dirty work" as soon as possible. If you keep putting off cleaning the cat tray, then most likely you too anxious person After all, as we deliberately avoid cleaning, we had to endure an unpleasant smell.

To wash bath
If you hate to clean the bath (which takes time), you spontaneous person You do not like to plan everything in advance. You do not understand people who can not live without long-term plans. Do you even without this all turns out great! In the end, there are more interesting things than scrubbing the tub for hours in the company of detergents.

Clean up in the closet with clothes
Winter is coming, and you still have not removed the old clothes on the top shelf? Your old clothes lay in a heap of new sweaters, but you feel that it is certainly more useful? Then you're a real optimistic !

wash dishes
Your culinary masterpieces cause a storm rave reviews ... and a bunch of dirty dishes. You spend hours happily cook a favorite dish, but the 10 minutes spent on washing dishes, cause you resentment. This means that you - creative personality

Sweep courtyard
Every Saturday from the window of her cozy living room you watched as neighbors diligently sweep the dry leaves in the yard? You will not spend your day off to such activity. It characterizes you as a maverick , who prefers personal independence.

Folding underwear
The idea that wash things dry, and they need to sort through, makes you disgusted? You do then still have to iron these things again. You'd love struck out from his life and shuhlyadki endless shelves. It characterizes you as a pragmatic personality !

Wash refrigerator
Perfectionist does not take up the matter until it is sure that everything is done perfectly. Therefore, to the fridge and hands do not reach. Cluttered fridge says that you need to treat their imperfections more loyal.

To clean tile joints
If you hate to do it, you're the man who thinks globally At first glance, your bathroom looks clean, but more is needed. Get rid of dirty joints between the tiles can be during the next repair. You do not like to go into much detail.

Dust can not be avoided as well as taxes and death. You just have to live with it ... You just do not see the point in constant wiping the dust, but will gladly do other chores. Quite simply, you realist

Vacuum Cleaner
People who like vacuuming, love to look at the neat clean lines that remain on the mat after a brush vacuum cleaner. But for you, this occupation is too monotonous, because you - creative person It is better to take up a brush and paint, even if the artist out of you not.

Hopefully this article has raised you funny mood. It's nice to learn about yourself something new. Do not forget to share with your friends!

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