That's what happens when dedicated fans appears next to his idol

Any actor has fans. Some of them nestolko obsessed with love for their idol, they are ready to accompany him day and night, to wait for hours to stand in long lines to make sharing photos or autographs. But when they do it, the emotions often take precedence. Grab a hot selection of photos crazy fans and their idols.

For Justin Bieber, she is ready to go to the end of the world video> By the way, fans of Bieber ready to literally tear apart anyone who they do not like. But when they get a chance to get closer to their idol, here you can only weep with happiness :)

Lady Gaga and the girl who does not believe his schatyu

Daniel Radcliffe and girls who are the owl and did not bring a letter from Hogwarts

"I, too, she did not immediately brought ...»

Oh, God!

Let me pinch you here)

Cheryl Cole have sensed something was wrong ...

Here, they say, "I saw an idol» ...

Oh! And the smell ...

Because she lives - the winner!

Steven Gerrard with his fan

Matt Damon and throat

Angelina Jolie brings to life his groupie

In all 32!

Who in that much ...

Grandma blesses incomparable Kardashian

Dorval as Martyn to soap

Elijah Wood somewhat concerned

This is - is another matter!

George Clooney calm, can not be said about the fans ...

All year trained ...

Kellan Lutz is dissolved in groupies

Taylor Lautner with a fan of the "Twilight»

Post handed over - took the post!

Sasha Russia

Oh, look at the guy complicated, difficult ...

Jensen Ackles and a girl in a state of shock

A pleasant surprise from loyal fans Williams



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