12 psychological differences between men and women

We are different, and that's fine! The site publishes a compilation of observations, amusing, but to illustrate real-life psychological differences between the sexes. < Nicknames

  • When Marina, Katya and Anya are going to have dinner, they call each other Marinochka, Katyusha and Annie.
  • When Peter, Vova and Alex go somewhere, they jokingly call each other " The fat boy "," Pindos "and" chmoshnik ยป. Movies cafes

  • When Pete, Vova and Lesha need to pay the bill, they are just thrown off by a hundred, even though it takes no more than a singe 200. None of them are no smaller bills, and no one even thinks of surrender.
When the girls have to pay the bill, they immediately pull out a calculator and 10 minutes thinking about the size of the tip. attitude toward money

A man is willing to pay twice for the thing that he needs. A woman will pay for the thing, which was at a discount, although it it is absolutely not necessary. ul >

The situation in the bathroom

A man has six items in the bathroom: a toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, shampoo, soap, towel. On average, a woman in the bathroom is 337 things. A man is not able to recognize more than 20 of them. position at odds

The odds are always the last word of a woman. All tell a man after the last words of the woman, will only lead to a new quarrel. A look at Future

Women worried about their future as long as not marry. A man never worries about the future, not yet married. Success

A successful man - is the one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman - is the one who managed to find a man. < Marriage

Women marry, hoping that their husband will change. When a man marries, he does not want his wife to me, but she still does it. Beautiful clothes

A woman puts on her to go to the store, water the flowers, take out the garbage, answer the phone, read a book, to answer the email. A man dresses up only at weddings and funerals. li > The naturalness

A man looks the same as sleep and wake up. The ratio of children

A woman knows all about her children. She knows that the child should be taken to a dentist about his dating, best friends, favorite books, fears, hopes and dreams. The man knows practically nothing about the young people who live with him in the house . The thought of the day

a married man should forget his mistakes. It is not necessary that two people remembered about the same.

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