25 brilliant inventions which mankind needs

Sometimes the most unexpected and crazy ideas are the best and most versatile solution for everyday chores. Every day people are coming up with more and more devices, greatly simplifying life. < Website publish for you 25 luxurious inventions amazingly brilliant in its simplicity.

Set of containers for spices and oils

Corkscrew for pineapple


LED space available on the USB-stick

Pizza cutter with two blades

LED slippers


Cutting board "Puzzle┬╗

The drops circle

Flower pot, which does not fall

Always dry bench

Charger operating temperature of the beverage

Fast-clean comb

Batteries charged via USB-connector

Bedside table with a tray

A board with built-in weights

A container with a timer

Keyboard phone

The container for cooking

Reusable candle

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