Raw food diet will help with allergies.

One in three people living on planet Earth, is suffering from an allergy, which is expressed in a rash, swelling, coughing and is accompanied by other symptoms.

In addition, advanced forms of allergy can cause irreparable harm to man, and some form of allergic reactions in general can be fatal. That is why it is important at the initial stage of occurrence of any allergic reactions to take all the necessary measures.

As a rule, there is an allergy to food, which is accompanied by a rash on the skin, and even swelling. To fight against this disease is not always easy, but still possible. The head of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation Sergey Katyrin believes that, along with the protection of their interests and the lobbying business, the country needs to establish a process of trade in food products, as well as improve their quality. This in turn should positively displayed on the health of the nation.

Today, one of the easiest and most effective way to deal with allergies is considered a raw food diet, which consists in the use of raw, thermally untreated products. A huge number of people across the globe prefer moist food, especially fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, fiber and do not contain carcinogens, leading to the development of cancer, and are in fried foods.

Despite the large number of medicines for allergies, raw food is considered the most effective, but this method is primarily for people who do not have allergies to fruits and vegetables. This method of treatment against allergic rashes suggested German scientist Henning Mueller-Burtsler that he was suffering from allergies to many foods and currently checked out, the method of getting rid of side effects to the body unsuitable food.

After the transition to raw foods, scientists noticed that the blood stops producing antibodies that trigger allergies. This method of dealing with the allergic rash was officially proposed by scientists in 1990, when Mueller-Burtsler offered their patients to try to imagine a new trend in food - raw food diet. It should be noted that German scientists were able to establish the main problem of allergy, which appears as a result of disruption of the so-called "intestinal barrier". The fact that after the damaged mucosal permeability deteriorates and weakens the protective function.


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