Intensive training for burning fat. Just 20 minutes for Amazing Results!

Losing weight - it is very difficult, and if you want to throw a few extra kilos, you need not only to adhere to a strict diet, but do not forget about physical exercises. Today «website» has prepared for you fat burning workout , which blends perfectly with the low-carb diet. By doing these exercises just 20 minutes a day, you can achieve very good results!

Fat-burning and muscle firming trenirovkaPered start training, it is desirable to do warm-up and warm up your muscles. This exercise consists of two parts, each of which has five exercises.

Perform they need to be in the following order: You should begin with the first part. Carry it for 10 minutes. You need to have time to do the maximum of repeats. Take a short break. Begin implementation of the second part. Executes it well for 10 minutes, do not forget to do the maximum of repeats.

Part of the January 10 squats with a jump 15 "steps climber» 10 lateral lunges on each leg 10 push-ups on a raised surface V-shaped position for 30 seconds 46,413,096

After the first block of exercise a break, have a drink of water.

Part Feb. 10 lifts on each leg 10 lunges on each leg back 10 sit-ups 10 Just take the pose of Superman Plank for 30 seconds 99,035,345

After the second unit a little break and then you can perform several exercises for stretching.

This high-intensity training is much more effective than ordinary cardio. It helps to create a calorie deficit, so in your body fat loss
To experience the stunning effect of these exercises, and tell your friends about it!



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