Mistakes in life do not happen

"Everything that you have done; everything that you feel; the results that you got - this is the life. " The site publishes a terrific story of a psychologist and a coach Lilies Ahremchik.Vsё what you did; everything that you feel; the results that you got - this is life. Yes, she is different: with happiness and tears, losses and acquisitions, with goodbyes and meetings, but just that she is incredibly beautiful. Because there is always after the fact that there will be something else. And that's another depends on how you feel and perceive the world, what you want from it and how you want to appear in it.

Even if this is not where he wanted, even if it hurts, even if a deadlock - it's great. because it is possible to understand as much as wanted to get really experience life through the pain, and in a new day choose pain or pleasure, and the impasse-either destroy the wall, which rested or fly.

Let love often does not last forever ... We are not born wiser old men do not know everything in advance, and we do not feel that is an eternity. But love happens ... It happens to us and so, what we are. Or bright and large, or animal and proprietary or nervous and cautious ... It reinforced or our freedom, or our fears. Our love shows us ourselves. Demanding, uncompromising, jealous, petty ...

Give me something, and I will love you. Show me that you can trust, and I trust. Show that you are worthy, and I appreciate you. This all works in a relationship ... with those who you have a relationship. Ordinary, everyday, mutually beneficial relationships.

When you communicate with a person souls, you feel each other different. You see, realize, understand the essence of man, and all the social games sidelined. You give something, because you want to give. You open, because in principle open to that person. You talk, because you want to understand.

There is a simple man. If he does not catch you only have this, then it is not your man. You are in a "relationship", but they are unlikely to lead to love. Although, in truth, not all need it, and few people even understand what it was about.

In my opinion, there is nothing more valuable and important than the light that occurs between two loving people. Consciousness and the Universe are pushing their horizons. In love, like anywhere else, there is a feeling of God. This is an invaluable experience that you can get. Perhaps it will remain after children, songs, books, company or just memories ... In any case, the experience of love is to be in your life.

I love you, world!

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