Only 5 exercises for the most problematic part of the hips. Cellulite will disappear without a trace!

The inside of the thighs quickly becomes flabby and very ugly, if you do not train the appropriate muscles. It's great that there are activities that result in the order instantly even the most problematic area! Do exercise for hips is very easy and even pleasant. Besides gynecologists recommend them to strengthen women's health. Feel chic!

Simple exercises for inner thighs rise straight leg lying. Lie on your right side, placing his hand under his head and focusing on his elbow. Slowly raise and lower the outstretched leg straight as possible. Repeat 15-20 times since. It does the same, lying on his left side.

Lead feet away in the standing position. rests in the hands of a chair or a wall, standing on one leg. The other leg slowly taken aside and back. Repeat 20-25 times for each leg. Try to keep your legs straight.

Clip knees ball. Lie on your back, pulling your knees to your thighs. How can the ball tightly with his knees while lifting the hips up. Feel how tense the outer and inner thigh muscles. Hold dressed up position for a count of 10. Repeat 15 times since.

Squat with the ball between your knees. Put the ball between your knees. Shallow crouch, squeezing the ball. Feel how the muscles work the inner thighs - this exercise is one of the most effective. Squats as you can - 30-50 times.

Stretching the inner thighs. Lie on your back, put his left leg tibia on his right knee. Pridvin`e foot right foot closer to the buttock. Gently push up on the inner surface of the left thigh, you feel the stretch. Zastynu in this position. Do the same with the other leg. It is important to follow the breath and keep your back straight while.

Thanks to the gym you will considerably strengthen thigh muscles - especially inner part. When muscles are toned, skin is smooth and elastic - you'll forget about this unpleasant phenomenon as cellulite It is necessary to begin to engage and visible results will encourage continued training!

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