11 great stretching exercises

How many times have many of us been saying to myself about the lack of flexibility, the impossibility to attend hour sessions on stretching, adaptability to the yoga. Nothing to worry about. Yoga is of course not a Cup of tea to drink.

But to achieve remarkable success in stretching is possible without the need to chanting "ommmm" or to sit and sweat with a yoga class (although, actually, it would not hurt to try a few times to make sure that many of the misconceptions will be refuted).

The conditions of modern life lead to emotional and physical strain. Sitting all day at a Desk does not bring any favors and has no benefit to the lower back and thighs.

Described further exercises do not take much time and the result will not keep itself waiting. A yoga Mat is not even necessary, unless there is an explicit desire.

1. Runner's lungeIf you have to sit all day or, conversely, to run the business, it can have a detrimental effect on the hips (this is the part of the leg situated between the pelvis and knee). This is especially true of men, because they have stretch marks is not exactly honored.

Help to fix the position of the exercise with lunges.

Stand up straight and lean forward to rest your fingers or palms on the floor. To make a one foot wide step back as far as possible, simultaneously bending the other leg at the knee. It is necessary to achieve such a position that the bent knee made an angle of 90 degrees, and the knee should be over the toes, not further.

Breathe evenly distribute the weight between both feet and try to "drown" the thigh a little below. To be in this position for 30 seconds.

Repeat 2-3 times for each leg.


2. Side bend


Stretching to each side of the body from head to toe. No stretching more effective and easy than this. It relaxes the whole body, providing much-needed break in the monotony of the working day. You just need to get up and try.

Standing, feet together, stretch arms up over head with palms together. Inhale and bend the body to the right hip tightly clutching one another. Lengthen the body with one hand without bending forward or backward. Wait a minute, return to the starting position, then stretch the other part of the body.

Continue lateral stretching of 5-10 times for each side.


3. Stretching of the biceps of the thighs while sitting


These two-headed muscles located on the back side of the thighs. In conjunction with other muscles involved in extension of trunk and rotation of the tibia. The muscles of the thighs is very stubborn. No matter how they're developed and stretched, they resist the stretching. And the harder they pull, the harder they will try to come back. Therefore, all movements are performed gently and slowly. The easiest way to do it, sitting on the floor with outstretched legs.

Push the foot left foot right thigh. Exhale and stretch your arms up as straight as possible. Exhaling bend to the right leg outstretched, helping hands, to lean in as close as possible. Depending on the level of stretch marks can grasp the Shin, ankle, foot or big toe. Slowly straighten up, making a small pause, and again to bend over, trying to get closer to the thigh a little closer.

Repeat 5 times, then switch to the other leg.


4. Squat goddess


This position is unique to the thighs, including the inner surface. Running exercise in a standing position, and it can be done anywhere, without worrying about the cleanliness of the floor.

Arrange legs as wide as possible toes out and heels inward. Slowly lower the hips closer to the floor. Then raise the arms out to the sides, forming shoulders with the letter "T". Straighten legs while raising hands overhead. Exhale and "drown" the hips back while lowering arms to shoulder height.

Repeat at least 10 times.


5. Stretching the upper back


This exercise is particularly helpful for people who stress constantly tense neck, shoulders and upper back. Exercise relaxes the upper body, stretching the shoulders, neck, upper arms and back.

To kneel and bend over, resting his hands on the floor. Continuing to draw with his left hand, the right sliding motion on the floor is directed between the left knee and left hand simultaneously turning the torso to the same side. So to turn until your right shoulder and the head will not settle down comfortably on the floor. Inhale and raise your right hand up, pulling her right shoulder. To do in this position for a few breaths in and out of this pose slowly, as it included. Then switch to the other side.


6. Stretching of the spine


If the spine is movable and flexible, the blood flows through the body easily. Exercise allows you to open the chest, strengthen the lungs and stretch the front surface of the body, to solve some problems with poor balancing.

Sitting on the knees, place the ball behind you and hold, to lean back up until your upper back on it dies down. Pulling my hands back to the floor. Exercise to synchronize with the breath: inhaling to roll out onto the ball, exhale to roll back.

The number of repetitions depends on health.


7. Stretching of the hips while standing


And again thigh. So it is important that their muscles were supple. This exercise is another way to achieve the desired result.

Stand up straight. Slowly raise your right knee. To catch the foot with your left hand and bring it in front of the left knee. Right hand to catch up from the bottom by the ankle and raise it as high as possible. At the top inhale and try to straighten your upper body. To take a few breaths, then slowly lower leg and switch to stretch the other leg.


8. Stretching quadriceps


In this exercise, keeping the muscles surrounding the knee relaxed to avoid the pain.

Lie on stomach with hands under forehead and giving them a cushion. Bend the right leg so that the foot closer to your right buttock. Right hand back and grab a leg, trying to pull foot towards buttock as close as possible. If hand impossible to reach, help yourself with a towel or belt.

To stay in this position for 15 seconds, then repeat with the other leg and hand.


9. Cobra pose


Strengthens shoulders, abdominals, lungs, spine, and buttocks. At run time, increased body temperature and warm muscles stretch easier.

To lie face down, clinging tightly to the floor, hips, shins, feet and toes. Arms bent at the elbows and place them along the body so that the palms was below the shoulders. On the inhale slowly begin to lift the chest, pressing palms firmly to the floor and straightening your elbows. Make sure your upper back with shoulders raised as high.

Freeze in this position for 10-30 seconds, gently Contracting the buttocks. Exhale and slowly sink down to the floor.

Repeat 3 times.


10. Happy child


This is the ideal position to relieve stress and fatigue, calm the mind, great for stretching the upper thigh and the groin internal areas.

Lie on your back and bend your knees, pulling them to her chest and spreading her knees about shoulder width apart. Grab the heel so that the elbows of the hands passed between the feet of the internal surface of the knees. Exhale and pull hands feet by the heels so that the knees are as close as possible to the floor.

If you will feel comfortable, sway a little from side to side, massaging the lumbar spine. Stay in this position for about a minute, watching the even breathing.


11. Up the wall


This exercise is the best for the complete set of stretch marks. It helps to relax, because the whole day passed in a vertical position with the head much higher feet. Exercise changes the positioning, helping the blood to flow away.

Lie back on the floor, pressed against the rear surface of the thighs as close as possible to the wall and placing her raised up legs. If no free wall, you can use any vertical element.

Try to ensure that the angle between legs and torso was as close to 90 degrees. Hands back behind your head. Take a deep breath and exhale, relax, stay in this position for about a minute.


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Any of the simple exercises effective for stretch marks. Some are simpler, some more complicated, but making any of them you can be sure that yoga is not as difficult. But the joints remain mobile and the muscles supple. published


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