10 shocking facts about how deceiving us in stores. We even could not imagine

Many are no longer surprised that in the markets and small shops to occur cases of underweight and counting. But in large retail chains, dishonest sellers, more sophisticated fool our brata.Sayt publishes the real ways of deception, who shared the former employees of large stores.

Electronics Stores h2> 1. Almost all famous brands, noting factory marriage of his technique, withdraw the entire batch of stores. After the elimination of defects, return back, but at a discount of 30-50%. But some stores come true this rejection under the guise of sales, verbally warning that the product is no return.

2. Important: the buyer is not entitled to surrender defective, broken goods only if his buyer, officially warned about the shortcomings and the defects are described in detail in the sales receipt, label or in a separate document. Distinguish the "rejection" can be on the label REF - Refurbished.

Shops elite underwear h2> 3. saleswomen such stores sin follows - they buy on the market cheap underwear and enclose them to the brand of laundry for a price slightly lower than listed on other labels, and women customers happy snapping is expensive "brand" underwear.

Grocery Stores h2> 4. A huge number of sellers admit that shopping guide makes them give expired products "second life". This is achieved by the following methods: Money cleaners sausages from plaque, piercing pin packages swollen with dairy products and so on. D.

5. If the expired products sell all else fails, then it is returned to the manufacturer, and there are hot dogs and sausages fall into the "production again" - recycled, mixed with fresh meat and again become "edible." < br />
6. Fruits and vegetables have properties to dry, so the enterprising vendors of pre-weighed and packed in bags.

7. Freeze. Fish, seafood, vegetables, pour water and immediately frozen, and the water sometimes reaches 30 - 40% of the weight of products.

8. I guess you did not guess, that fresh-frozen fish is often made from tainted. After the ice crust is able to hide any visible defects in the product.

9. When selling weight goods often use this trick: on the electronic scales supposedly hygienic purposes is put in a bag. The point is that his edge glued tape to the body weights, and the balance when something is put, a bag pulled himself or tightens the cashier. Weight increases.

10. At the checkout you can cheat, too, such as "punch" a single product multiple times. And if you'll notice, the clerk will refer to a failure in the computer system.

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