10 things that make all the loving couples

How great when there is a person in your life, which can be called the favorite. With him all the usual classes bring great pleasure and acquire a different meaning.

Website publishes a list of things that somehow do everything in love with people.

1. You take a shower and sit in the bath h3> When your relationship to a new level, you will sooner or later start to take a shower together. You rub each other the back, legs and strike each other shampoo on the hair. You can even arrange a foam fight!

2. See the same film away from each other h3> When one of you, "sits" on some series, the other, sooner or later does the same thing. At the same time both of you know, seeing the previous eight seasons of "Dexter" together. It happens that you can not be there, but at the same time, you can start watching a movie and then discuss what was happening on the screen. These things get too close!

3. Share the side of the bed h3> What couple does not share the side of the bed? In my case, he sleeps on the right side is closer to the alarm, and I left to move away when it gets too hot. In the morning, as a rule, he is on the floor or halfway to ensure that fall, and I take the whole bed.

The height and length here do not matter! Physics stops working when you realize that your body is able to push a little more human mass.

4. Sleep in the arms h3> One of the most touching moments that so often in the movies. However, let's be honest: up all night sleep is simply impossible! When you sleep in the arms of the night comes a certain point when he removes his hand, or you both wake up at the same time turns over to the other side. From time to time you have to lift up his foot on the leg of his partner, thus showing that you love him.

5. Choose a place where you can eat h3> When men ask: "Where and what do you want to eat?" - Women should stop responding: "I do not care any place will suit." He knows it's a lie! Your Knight has 70% realize that you choose, and just out of respect for your preferences make a final decision. When he asks you where you want to go, he just wants to test your reaction.

6. Amused soul mate h3> The ability to laugh together with your loved ones - a very important quality. It's great when you have the same sense of humor. For example, since you can reassure your partner when he did not specify a day. After all, no matter what happens, all will eventually be well.

7. Change clothes in front of each other h3> It does not matter whether you live together or not, once the time comes when you have to change clothes in front of their partner. There is one positive thing. When you need help to fasten the zipper or find socks, next is the person who can help. It's pretty cool, especially when you do not know, you look good or not.

8. Bear these very days h3> This period is as physically and emotionally painful for women as for men. The first three days - the worst! When your man is aware of this, he does not perceive the screams or cries to heart. He just knows that it will soon pass. And you are grateful to him for that.

9. Choose a good topic for conversation h3> The anniversary or other important date for you - a wonderful thing. You dress up, style your hair. Your man shaves off his beard, and looks so damn beautiful in his leather jacket!

But as soon as you sit down, you start to discuss a variety of unrelated topics together: the new series, friends, ideas on how to spend your holiday, and my "favorite" theme of cannibalism. Do not ask me how we came to this subject, I have no idea!

10. Communicate bedtime h3> That's what we love our men. They are always ready to listen and share with the way the day went and how they feel. This is a special intimate moment in our relations. And then we fell asleep in each other's arms.

Author: Kimberly Hinderson
Translation and adaptation: Website

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