5 myths about fats in which it's time to stop believing

Today, everyone is trying to eliminate fat from your diet. Meanwhile, the power of a healthy person should be correct and balanced. This means that the diet should be fats and proteins, and uglevody.Sayt debunks the most stupid and common myths about fats.

1. To lose weight you need to reduce caloric intake and to exclude from it zhiryLishaya body fat, a person compels him to hold on to existing folds with even greater energy and zeal. Therefore, get rid of them becomes much more difficult. And if after such a diet you will again turn to the diet of fats, the body begins to postpone them with double force.

2. Animal fat is much more harmful than rastitelnyeBolshinstvo products that are now available for consumption contain fatty acids omega-6, which is more in animal fat. A most useful is an omega-3 of the vegetable fat.

The output is extremely simple: lean on the food in which more omega-3, which is the vegetable fats. But to prepare their advice is just the opposite in animal fats: butter, lard, melted fat. This is due to the fact that they are slowly destroyed by heating, which means, do not quickly become trans fats.

3. Animal fats increase blood cholesterol and animal fats kroviHolesterin not have anything in common. The latter are lipids. Cholesterol, in turn, is not fat. It polilipoprotein. Therefore, by eating animal fats raise cholesterol directly can not.

However, the excessive use of these fats can be synthesized cholesterol. By the way, it is formed from excess carbohydrates. Thus, if you have inflammation of the body and problems with the cardiovascular system, the body is able to get the necessary cholesterol of any food
4. Animal fats are a major cause of cardiovascular zabolevaniyPrichin from cardiovascular disease are many: poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress, lack of sleep, poor environmental situation, and several others. Animal fats in this category are not relevant. Simple carbohydrates deliver the body to more problems and troubles.

And write them into the main cause of all diseases because cardiovascular diseases, elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood. However, the consumption of animal fat, as we have seen, is not the cause but rather a consequence , a signal of the presence of such diseases.

5. Nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils should be consumed in very limited quantities due to their high kaloriynostiPerechislennye above products are really high in calories and eat them in unlimited quantities is not necessary. However, as you do not eat, because the same nuts have a very high energy value, quickly and permanently providing the body with vivacity and saturation.

Salad without fear for the health and figure you can safely refuel two tablespoons of oil, and a portion of nuts doubled. After all, these products also contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals necessary for the health of the human body.

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