I gave up gluten, sugar, milk, al * Expose and coffee for 3 weeks. And that's what I found!

What do you think will happen to the man after he refused to gluten, sugar, dairy products, al * Expose and coffee? Do you think that eating the food will no longer be fun? Everything is quite the opposite, and the story of a woman who for 21 days declined from these products, will confirm this.

This summer I gave up gluten, sugar, dairy products, alcohol and coffee. And that's what I found out after 3 weeks. Em>

1. How to distinguish real hunger from emotional em>
This hunger does not appear immediately, it comes gradually. While the emotional hunger appears immediately and instantly wants to satisfy. During the purification of the body, I no longer feel emotional hunger. Em>

2. Sugar is not my friend em>
Even those contained in dried fruits. It is so addictive that you'll be even willing to sell his soul for a piece of apple. Em>

3. Gluten is intoxicating my mind em>
In the morning, after eating I felt a feeling akin to a hangover. As a result, it was very difficult to concentrate on work. Especially harmful treated gluten, which is found in crackers and cereals. Em>

4. Tequila - The best selection of al * bare em>
Once the drink, I felt much better than after the use of other al * ogolnyh drinks, especially beer or wine. em>

5. I need less sleep, when I eat the right food em>
I suspect that gluten, sugar and coffee break my sleep and make him a mess. Before cleaning, I had 7-8 hours of sleep a night, while during the cleanse and I needed after six to seven hours of rest. Em>

6. I disappeared pain em>
Six months ago, I got into a car accident and periodically tortured me pain in the neck and shoulders. But after I started cleaning the body, they disappeared completely. Em>

7. I fell in love smoothies em>
This is a very good way of eating vegetables, fruits and nuts for food. You should experience for yourself! Em>

8. Coffee makes me feel crazy em>
After these 3 weeks I tried the coffee and realized that he had a very negative effect on my body and health. So I try to completely replace it with water with lemon. Em>

9. Cereals are not so useful em>
I'm having problems with the digestion of most cereals - gluten-free or not. Quinoa is the only exception to this rule. Em>

10. Eating right is a snap em>
This is simply necessary to take the habit and give up frequent trips to restaurants, because there is hard to find food that will suit you. em>

Disclaimer gluten, sugar, dairy products, al * Expose and coffee will make your life better. You will be much more energy, strength and a sense of lightness. Be sure to try to give up these products!

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