"Costing" from Amlinsky - a new advertising campaign "Technosila" with jumping calculators

June 5, 2007, Moscow - The trading network "Technosila" launched an advertising campaign to support its new campaign "Feast calculation».

During the action "Holiday pricing" - from 7 to 17 June. The advertising campaign was launched in support of 4 June.

As described in the company's website, "Technosila" long ago announced a review of its advertising policy, again offering its customers an original advertising campaign.

Back in 2006, sales network, one of the leaders of the Russian electrical household retailers, announced major adjustments that the company decided to add to their advertising and marketing position. To help the network to clarify the parameters of its target audience and creating a renewed creative concept volunteered one of the leading agencies in the Russian market - «Amlinsky. Creative Strategy "and Andrew himself Amlinsky, an iconic figure in modern Russian advertising. Cooperation Network, to find a new look at the advertising agency and «Amlinsky. Creative Strategies ", proposed a new vision of the concept of advertising, it has already managed to develop into a number of successful advertising campaigns" Technosila "and holistic concept of positioning network.

According to the company, a number of promotions network, held at the national level since the beginning of the year, managed to consolidate the network reputation for offering customers a robust alternative to traditional advertising and marketing solutions strokes. Shares of the network stand out not only interesting content, but also vivid and memorable images and the creative component.

In the summer season, traditionally accompanied by a decrease in sales in sectors exposed to the seasonal factor, "Technosila" plans to attract the attention of a bright new action - "The Feast of calculation».

The concept behind the creative for the new campaign again focuses on the common sense of customers opting for shopping "Technosila". Shops common sense, because the network has positioned itself, appealing to the core values ​​of savvy shoppers - prudence and pragmatism. That is why the main element of the campaign was chosen calculator, which has become not only an attractive visual design element, but also a part of the name of the action.

Summer action should be, above all, the bright - so the videos that are already network launched June 4 most federal channels using bright and vivid images - the growth figures of the calculators. For the first time used in advertising any of the retailers selling electrical appliances, should attract the attention of customers who are tired of the standard advertising moves with the demonstration price on certain goods.

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