WHAT should never make a wife.

The first thing that must be remembered wife: can not say that her husband is worse than someone else. Moreover, it is impossible to speak not only to anyone but himself. If a woman once said so, it has made a "hole" in the heart of her husband, which she will then patch it is very difficult for a lifetime. One time she said: "In fact, this man seriously than you. Did you say something does not hold. " That's enough, everything. In any case so we can not say it's like to kill her husband.
A woman should never be in the presence of her husband support the position of the other person. If there is a conflict between a husband and someone else, it should never take the side of the other person. It currently passes sentence. If it supports the position of the other person, it will lead to the fact that he stop loving her in all respects. All this is all over. He can not pretend, of course, that nothing happened, but the relationship is already hopelessly flawed. Occurs, for example, conflict, and support a woman of another person in the dispute. Even if the husband is not right, it should not do that. It can remain neutral. It should say: "I do not understand is what you are arguing." That's all. This is the best option if she sees that her husband is not right. If the husband is right, the wife should mount stand for it.

(Torsunov OG)


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