Advertising that solid-solid-solid truth about life

Anaphora (repetition) - a strong artistic and visual means. A selection of these videos prove this fact.
In some of them it is presented in the classic version - the text is literally repeated the same word. In some creatives simply click-click-click on a semantic point.

The style of these spots feature - abundant evidence and arguments that open their eyes to the audience, "the truth of life." The long chain of facts, comparisons and images of the observer lead to the final, where proudly flaunts the slogan and brand who has paid all of this non-profit philosophy.

Marsh - Find The UpsideEtot clip through bright and large-scale visualized metaphors expresses a new philosophy Marsh, aimed at the search for positive throughout.

"Above the clouds there is always the sun. Each castle can pick up the key. When all around there will always be foreign is something clear to millions. Every obstacle lies flat trail. The opposite side of any negatives - positive. And behind every door - the house. Any complex task gives us finally some answer. And any risk of a downside. If you know how to find it - Marsh ».

BP - BeyondPohozhaya idea is implemented in a similar way in the video Brititsh Petroleum. Look for good.

"In the darkness - light, for studs - Rose, for practice - the perfection of the fear - courage, for 10 seconds - 9, risk - excitement for the force - the responsibility for the patient - satisfaction of the crisis - the decision illness - cure pain - the joy, the excitement - a reward, winter - summer. For darkness - light ».

Independent - Do not «Do not tell. Do not walk. Do not walk at night. Do not go on the right side. Do not drink. Do not think. do not smoke. Not kolis. I do not eat beef. Do not be thick. Do not be thin. Do not chew. Do not spit. Do not swim. Do not breathe. Do not Cry. Do not bleed. Dont kill. Do not Experiment. Does not exist. Do not do anything. Do not fire away their food. Not par their brains. Do not sit close to the TV. Do not walk on the grass. Do not put your elbows on the table. feet do not get up on the seat. Do not cut yourself with scissors. Do not play with fire. Do not spank. Do not masturbate. Do not be a baby. Do not be old. Do not be ordinary. No different. Do not stand out. Do not be discarded. Do not buy. Do not read ».

UPC - Impossible «You can not start a promotional video with pekshota. But this is impossible in architecture. You can not win a war without weapons. Deaf people can not write a symphony. You can not become a millionaire at age 21. Impossible. Impossible. impossible. "It is impossible" - just means that you have not yet found a solution. Try. Invents ».

Nike - not daySportsmeny encourages young people to take a step to play sports - "Choose a game! Do not stop!". Do not let anything - laziness, weather, city, gravity, stereotypes, lack of playgrounds - stop you to sports and fun. You should only wish it! And make a move.

BMW - Kinetic Sculptures «barrier between technology and art exists only in our minds." This is the joint conclusion BMW and Theo Jansen. No frame c car, not a sound similar to the sound of the engine. And yet, this video BMW, shot a creative team of Ireland / Davenport.

Lexus - MomentsVremya - money. And moments - the ultimate in luxury. Lexus chose brilliant positioning strategy. Before his "expensive" brand audience appears as a mediator between man and the world, filled with golden moments.
Kaleidoscope of the most different moments - moments of happiness and sorrow, short and long; minutes, which is impossible to forget and have sterevshihsya memory - was assembled in 45-second spot. Shots different theme, mood, era significance, but to combine voice-over, which leads to the conclusion bewitched the audience: Lexus - «concentrated moment." It contains all the best that is capable of human thought (be sure to see it, it is located below).

"Let minute attention. Moments can be short. Moments can be long. There are moments of joy. There are moments of grief. There are moments of passion. Unforgettable moments. Minutes that you have forgotten. Unclear point. Awkward moments. The main points. The Moment of Truth. For a moment, we refuse reason. People will ask for a moment. Sharing the moment. Need in a moment. Do you have a minute? Hey, wait a minute. You can take a minute. Create a moment. Spoil the moment. And the stars lined up in a row only at the right moment. A moment can be perfect. Can you describe the moment. A moment can change your life. It's here for a moment. And you can concentrate all in a single, first-and-last of them. Catch the moment. »

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