Hippo, hippo in there !!!

Children - funny, thoughtful and always charming - became the heroes of the new commercials ¬ęKinder New Year."
How to tell the agency Site MILK, in casting the shooting involved more than 200 children, of whom 12 were selected bright typecasting, under each of which then chooses the appropriate image and suit. They embody the idea and had to roll: in their own words to tell you about something that for them the New Year, and what should be the perfect gift this holiday. Kinder Gifts pleased with our little heroes not only for its delicious with a variety of content as their favorite chocolates, but also an attractive appearance, which in itself created them a sense of celebration.

Everyone knows that a sincere and genuine children's joy shine in the eyes of play impossible. Therefore, no memorized replicas and planned situation was and never could be. We deliberately went for a more complex, but interesting way: for many hours of shooting we just talked with the children, asking them questions about the holidays and gifts, capturing their natural reaction, and then choose the most touching and funny moments that formed the basis for the series commercials ¬ęKinder New Year."

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Ferrero Russia
Marketing Director - Julia Polyakova
Senior Brand Manager - Nelly Ashirova
Junior Brand Manager - Anastasiya Mironova
Brand Manager Assistant - Ionitsky Stanislav

Creative Agency MILK
Creative Director - Alexander Ovchinnikov
Creative Group Head - Andrey Transfiguration
Copywriter - Yevgeny Tsiklauri, Ildar Agapov
Client Service Director - Maria Pavlocheva
Account Group Head - Eugene Slin'ko
Account Manager - Catherine Tchistov

Production of the game - Bazelevs Production
Director: Natalia Pogonicheva
Operator: Ilya Ovsenev
Moderator: Svetlana Saburov

Computer graphics - Park Production

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