Pygmy Hippo

Just hearing the word Behemoth, many people immediately start to imagine a huge, heavy, unwieldy hippopotamus. And only a few are aware of the existence of a pygmy Hippo.

Body length of Hippo is 1.7–1.8 meters, a height of one meter, the weight of an adult is about 250-270 pounds. Lives "ignoramus" in the lowland forests and swampy lowlands of Liberia (the main population), côte d'ivoire, Sierra Leone and Guinea. The pygmy hippopotamus is largely nocturnal. At dusk, singly or in pairs hippos move in they did "passages" in the dense vegetation. Their food is succulent roots and herbs, fruits.

In ancient times, the pygmy hippos (Hexaprotodon (Choeropsis) liberiensis) were carried out in Europe and Asia. In our days only a handful of these amazing creatures live in rivers, lakes and swamps of the jungles of West Africa. Secretive behavior of these animals still gives no opportunity to estimate the number of pygmy hippos remaining in the Ground. However, it is very clear that very little — not nothing "Lilliputian" is included in the Red book.

Referring to the hippos of being phlegmatic. But in fact they are able to demonstrate unprecedented aggression, at least, to stand up for themselves they are able.

Lions, for example — the cautious creatures, so they rarely attack hippos. These predators know that "river horse" will try to drag the attacker into the water and drown him. Crocodiles also known for a temper hippos: an adult Hippo could bite an alligator in half. History knows absolutely unprecedented case in the water sparked a battle between a Hippo and a shark mackerel, swim in the river. The shark was weighing around 140 pounds. The battle ended in favor of the Hippo. Thick-skinned pulled the shark to shore and crushed her into a pancake.

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