The dramatic birth of a soldier

Noam Murro, the most prolific directors of the first-line advertising, took a huge trailer for the new game Halo Reach. Agency agencytwofifteen - formerly TAG - continues the tradition of creating for the Halo franchise emotional and very unusual advertising. After the most successful in the history of the gaming industry campaign «Believe» for Halo 3 and more modest efforts for Halo 3 ODST's turn next to Launch Series. This autumn leaves branch game Halo Reach, and agencytwofifteen preparing a significant impact on sales. The network, on television and in theaters United States, Britain and other countries on this week's movie «Birth Of a Spartan» («The Birth of a Spartan").
The minute version for television in the three-minute version for the Internet and cinema audience show the way the young Carter-259, the hero of the game, in addition to be a leader valiantly Teams (Noble Team). From recruitment to the dramatic final medical procedure that makes it super-soldier Series Spartan III.
Massive direction Noam Murro and perfect picture makes this movie one of the best in the games industry since the days of the campaign for Halo 3.

Full version (look in HD)

Minute version

Halo Reach is something of a prequel to the original series. From this it is clear the origin of the Spartan soldiers, and reveals the events leading up to what players saw in Halo, Halo 2 and Halo 3.

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