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Minimalism in print reklame.Leonardo da Vinci belongs statement that simplicity - the highest form of sophistication. German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was guided by the principle of "less - is more» (Less is more), making every element and detail of the interior or buildings carry a lot of visual and functional purposes (eg, gender, employee heater, or fireplace and bathroom in one niche).

We do not stop to wonder how many meanings and messages can carry the simplest elements.

The Simpsons

The Smurfs

Advertising hatter salon. "The hat changes everything». B>

Adelaide Casino - Poker for women

The agency BBDO is looking for people who work well with numbers.

Lego: Imagine ...

The bandage mourning for Michael Jackson on MTV

Use a genuine spare.

Advertising cafe "Venice": Add a little Wi-Fi in your day.

Wi-Fi at McDonald's

By: Sunrise

Biker. Fashion designer. It's all about the glasses. B>

The driver of the truck. Professor. It's all about the glasses. B>

available. Not available. It's all about the glasses. B>

Condoms "Durex» XXL

Shop office.

Advertising car alarm with remote start.


Advertising guide to entertainment. Weekend pass quickly. B>

Advertising means for depilation. Without hair - it is better. B>

Advertising Musical restaurant.

«Chewing bears" with orange flavor

Coca-Cola Light Lemon

Condoms "Durex" cheaper.

SUVs «Citroen».

Kit Kat. Coffee Break. B>

Service of killing insects.

skin-tight jeans Levi's.

Fedex. Ships from the United States to Brazil. B>

Adjustments age cream Olay (Saatchi & Saatchi Russia)

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