10 ways to manipulate people through the media

Noam Chomsky (American Joint linguist, political essayist, philosopher) compiled a list of "10 Ways to manipulation" via media informatsii.Material publishes Spanish edition Rebelion.

1 - Distraction vnimaniyaOsnovnym element of social control is to divert people's attention from important issues and decisions taken by the political and economic ruling circles, through continuous saturation information space insignificant messages. Admission distraction quite substantially in order to avoid giving citizens the opportunity to obtain important knowledge in the field of science, economics, psychology, neurobiology and cybernetics.
"Constantly distracting people from the real social problems, switch it on topics that have no real value. Ensure that citizens were always busy with something, and they had no time to think; from the field - in the paddock, like all other animals (a quote from the book "Silent weapons for quiet wars»).

2 - create problems and then offer ways of their resheniyaDanny method is also called "problem-reaction-solution." It creates a problem, a kind of "situation", calculated to cause a certain reaction among the population so that it is itself required to take measures that are necessary ruling circles. For example, to prevent spiral of violence in the cities, or to organize bloody attacks in order that citizens have demanded the adoption of laws to strengthen security measures and policies that infringe civil liberties.
Or bring the economic crisis to get accepted as a necessary evil violation of social rights and the curtailment of urban services.

3 - Method primeneniyaChtoby achieve gradual adoption of any unpopular measures, it is sufficient to introduce it gradually, day after day, year after year. In this way, it was imposed radically new socioeconomic conditions (neoliberalism) in the 80s and 90s of the last century.
Minimizing the functions of the state, privatization, uncertainty, insecurity, mass unemployment, wages, which already does not provide a decent life. If all this happened at the same time, you probably would have led to a revolution.

4 - Postponement ispolneniyaDrugoy way to push through an unpopular decision is to present it as "painful and necessary" to achieve and at the moment the consent of citizens for its implementation in the future. It is much easier to agree on any of the victims in the future than in the present.

Firstly, because it does not happen immediately. Secondly, because the people on the whole are always inclined to cherish the naive hope that "tomorrow everything will change for the better" and that the sacrifices demanded of him, can be avoided. It provides citizens with more time to get used to the idea of ​​change and humbly accept them, when the time comes.

5 - addresses the people as a small detyamV most propaganda speeches designed for the general public, using such arguments, characters, words and tone as if we are talking about school-age children with developmental delays or mentally disabled individuals.
The gain someone is trying to mislead the listener, the more he tries to use infantile speech patterns. Why is that? If someone refers to the man as if he were 12 or less years, due to suggestibility, response or reaction of the man, with a certain degree of probability, and there will be no critical assessment, which is typical for children aged 12 years or less .

6 - is focusing on the emotions to a much greater extent than razmyshleniyaVozdeystvie on emotion is a classic technique aimed to ensure that block the ability of people to rational analysis, and eventually even the ability of critical thinking going on. On the other hand, the use of emotional factor allows you to open the door to the subconscious in order to introduce to the thoughts, desires, fears, fear, coercion or resistant behaviors ...

7 - Keep people in ignorance, cultivating posredstvennostDobivatsya that people become unable to understand the techniques and methods used to control them and bend to their will. "The quality of education provided by the lower classes of society should be as lean and mediocre, so that ignorance that separates the lower social classes of high, remained at a level that will not be able to overcome the lower classes.

8 - Encourage citizens to admire posredstvennostyuVnedryat in the population the idea that it is fashionable to be stupid, vulgar and rude ...

9 - To reinforce a sense of vinyZastavit person to believe in the fact that only he is guilty of his own misfortunes that occur due to lack of his mental capacities, abilities or efforts being made. As a result, instead of rebel against the economic system, the person begins to engage in self-abasement, blaming himself, causing depressed, resulting in, among other things, to a standstill. And without action about any revolution can be no question!

10 - Know about the people more than they currently znayutV over the past 50 years, advances in science have led to the formation of the widening gap between the knowledge of ordinary people and information that you have and use the ruling classes.
Thanks to biology, neurobiology and applied psychology, the "system" has at its disposal advanced knowledge of the person in the field of physiology and psychology. The system was able to learn about the common man more than he knows about himself. This means that in most cases the system has more power and more control people than themselves.

Noam Chomsky - American linguist, philosopher, social activist, author and political analyst. Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at MIT and one, and outstanding scientists of XX century. His fundamental works on the theory of linguistics and science knowledge gained deserved recognition in the scientific and academic community.

Original publication: Diez formas distintas de manipulación mediática

Translation: inosmi

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