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Photographer Bill Jade launched a provocative project which aims to change the concept of women's krasote.V beginning of last year, Bill Jade, a young mother of Arizona Tucson, went to his studio, undressed, took the hand of his month old baby and made a series of self-portraits.

In the pictures, she saw an unfamiliar body - roundness, which was not before pregnancy, stretch marks and wrinkles. What he saw she was not very pleased. However, it is still published a photo in his blog, in order to show the other side of motherhood, which is usually overlook. Media images of women's bodies are overcrowded. But it is not such.

After the self-portraits of Bill published on Facebook a photo of his girlfriend: the abdomen, wrinkled, clutching two children.

The idea has spread like a virus. Hundreds of women began to ask Bill about this photo shoot. The picture was taken more than 70 mothers and made from these materials album called "Body Beautiful". It is planned that it will be released in January next year. Pre-order can already be done on the project site.

Bill does not use make-up and not trying to hide the flaws of its models.

"I remember when I got my pictures, I broke into a cold sweat," - says Nicole Mead, one of the models, Bill.

Most of the women who took part in the project, embarrassed of his body and Mead is no exception. After giving birth to her first child, she began to hide the belly. About bikini on the beach is not out of the question. Filming she waited in horror, but decisively. At the photo shoot the woman took her three sons.

"When I suggested that children take part in this project, they asked, but what's the point? I said, do it for the sake of cousins, for the sake of their future girls, wives or daughters, because we rarely show the real, - says Mead. - I would like to know my guys will look like their wives after childbirth. That should not shock or disturb them ».

In the popular culture of the body after childbirth speak only in the context of how quickly "returned to normal" one or the other celebrity. Thus women impose unrealistic, distorted representation of their body. Indeed, many women may never return to "doberemennuyu" form.

For many women, pregnancy leaves scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. This is the reality that women are trying to hide, and the media - do not show. Photoproject Jade Bill is to change our attitude towards the mother's body and revise ideas of female beauty in our culture.

"How can I not love and admire this body, which stretches to mutate so that it grew life? I'm not just sexy, I am beautiful! »

"My body and stretch shirilos, physically and emotionally, to grow, to bring up and make a person inside.
Yes, I'm sexy.
Yes, I'll never be the same.
Yes, I am now Mom.
And yes, I'm proud of it. »

"Why did you shoot my mom?" - Asked me as a little boy at the time of shooting.
"Because we want to share her story with other moms and to teach them to accept its beauty as it is" - I replied.
"But my mom does not feel beautiful! - Said the kid.
"That's why I did it, and photographed." - I said. "We have to show her the truth.»

"Inside my life I began. My body is nourished and make it. You say I once was beautiful. Yes, I am as beautiful as not dare to dream. It's time to change the concept of beauty. It's time to praise each other and celebrate the changes in our body. It's time to show respect and enjoy the true beauty. »

My mother - my hero.

"The lines on your body, scars, stretch marks, roundness - they are all beautiful. Get rid of the filter through which you are forced to watch. Take a look at yourself not with the eyes and heart. You will love, then what you see. "- Sure Jade Bill.

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