Payback: Why body ACHES

Stolen emotions and the Hero's JourneyCurrently modern man in General the most part, except for a small number of thrill-seekers and volunteers from the hot spots of the planet, almost lost my life feat.

Has accumulated a huge deficit situations for the manifestation of heroism and total inclusion of the whole of human nature: spirit and body.

Modern man is almost moved to speculative reality. Virtual virtual it solves the problem, but soul loves to hang out on a "feature film".

Early in its history, to experience emotions, he should have taken his body from their homes and sent all its "carcass" in the world. Now you can travel, not looking up from his computer chair: to be surprised, afraid, to love, to strive for and achieve.And all this without the inclusion of the body, and from the comfort of home.

Eight million two hundred sixty nine thousand six hundred ninety eight

Tell me, at such a low cost of emotions experienced by the person who will pay the difference in price saved by not participating in all of these "experienced" the adventures of the body? How are we going to reimburse? That is: any "freebie" is fraught with a later payback and compensation allotted to the share of people unlived sensations. As all the "borrowed" stories from other people's emotions, is not really passing its own body — in fact stolen, and the law of conservation of energy has not been canceled.

If the body of their "authorized" survived, and not to steal from other people's lives, you would spend many thousands of calories would have gone many thousands of miles would have made a million deep breaths, letting the air out of different places on the planet, and have made a lot of strong things, as "the guy" is the hero of the movie.Then it's a bold body, passing this way on your own, it would just be in great shape.

And as consumers borrowed on credit of the emotions, as anyone who takes a loan, it is necessary to restore the balance in other, generally less pleasant form — to pay in less desirable time and distorted, "with interest" form.

How is the payback?

Couch sick people, the fans of the sect "remote contemplation of life."

Chronic people other people's stories tend to hurt, especially with age, when you fall hormones, and sex life (and was there a boy?) is eroding. Physical sensations — the currency of reckoning.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle "catch up" diseases they get, dobrojevic experience vivid bodily sensations of your favorite heroes, which admired and indeed envied. Is "jealous" — because of the angle vidoval, spellbound was watching someone else, not his life.

Peeping Tom — the feelings are real, but the body is not involved (insured from the risks and high costs, and mental energy). So there is a split, leading to nezaleshnosti.

Schism and division, contrary to a holistic campaign to life, lead the modern man to multiple diseases so many in the modern world the issues of healing, medicine and pharmacology is now the most profitable industry (after arms and drugs), and the wish of health is the main point of congratulations and toasts.

And the more one lives his life (the book heroes and the heroes of the series), the greater the gap between his instincts and the physical part, and the more it will hurt.

Situation living a life in which he is involved body, emotions and thoughts, grind the integrity of the person.

Historically active part in the actual heroic events contributed not only to perturbation of the historical landscape, but also a good metabolism in organisms of the characters, and also contributed to their good physical shape. Even life and food required considerable physical effort: the hunter and the farmer, to get game and garnish, was good to run through the fields — what did this whole process for the spirit, body and intellect.

Such situations were associated with large tension strength of spirit, will and courage. And historical processes — and even more consisted of the Burning soul, a zeal for country, family, idea. They are sanded in the human qualities of integrity and contain his body in a good exterior — strong and flexible, trained and lively, ready for unexpected events, are committed to living and readiness for immediate response to changes, ready to response to the provocations of space.

Life has ceased to provide a situation that can pierce a man to the bone and instantly turn it action.

What is happening now? In the consumer world — a solid fast food that the supermarket, the library, and took absorb as a baby formula from a bottle. Artificial mixture itself is shed, even cheeks straining is not necessary, as with the mother's breast. Established "more on the hole in the nipple" a good high — speed Internet and forward.

Ninety three million four hundred ninety four thousand four hundred fifty seven

Now most have social security, and have time to think his critical mind before you go on an adventure, searching for exploits. Variability of modern life always offers a set of solutions from which man almost always chooses less energy for everything, and especially for the body.

Modern people tend to choose not trials, and temptations such is the idol of modern society consumers. Error accumulates — the bodies of modern people are lazy to waste away and get sick.

The mind is the idol of our time. The intellect tries to impose their values and the value of intelligence to follow the path of least resistance, and therefore, the least cost energy that the body is not good. The body, following the path of saving energy loses, he has a slow metabolism, formed congestion, accumulated weight, all the extra weight is from the same unspent energy. The qualitative work of the mind disappear conditions for a constructive stress, awakens the immune and hormonal system.

So, the intellect of ordinary people, sharpened problem solving, coping efficiently with the tasks, leads to the fact that his own body withdraws from active living total involvement in the vicissitudes of life, freeing him from having to fight for literal survival.

Body, with such "care", keeps only the minimum its functionality for the power cord, but the economy mode leads to the loss of its shape. Loss of form is the loss of health and vigor that in the end not benefit the entire system.

The fact that we do not use, gradually begins to wither. From the point of view of livelihoods systems is not profitable to maintain for the future the features of the exterior that do not take active participation in life. "Suddenly the war, and I'm tired, not in the form" — does not work.

Our attraction to physical beauty acts as a hint to the acquisition of wisdomcontrary to the meanings of the mind (power saving mode),there is a rehabilitation of the senses of the body (the mode of generation of structural stress), this is the request of modern man to restore own integrity.

Therefore, because of the great yearning for the heroic charismatic realities of whole people (members of living life), his sympathies for the strong reliefs your body exercise, hidden from his lazy personality, intrinsic request Style Vivid Life the Magnificent Heroes.

Thus, the company put in the forefront mentality, implementing a split between the body and the intellect. Aware of their own envy to full-blooded life, in which the body has to a lot of conditions for your own fitness, modern society has created fitness centers, allocated special places — a "reservation" for achieving a beautiful body.

These specially designated places for meaningless movements do not accidentally call to her ambiguous attitude and are not very popular in society: after all, they do not provide the holistic situation of participation in the living life.

Fitness centers are, in fact, the store combined with a job where you must earn and then buy yourself a beautiful body. While the body is loaded with physical action and life, the most heroic, in that there was no, and no.

That's why it can't be popular in people: store's, work is work, and the person wants to live the Life of Heroes and, in his own feeling, it could happen to him somewhere in between work and shopping, when he lives it himself, well, looking about her movie…

So if you love to look at beautiful bodies, but does not pull you to the fitness center don't be surprised. These special places don't satisfy hunger of a person about full-blooded-filled life, not bring him closer to the dream of the Hero's Journey.

It integral part in the events of his life of all human systems: mind, heart and body — able to give us joy and happiness from experiencing the harmony of the beauty external and internal.

Travel, love, ascend to the heights of external and internal.

Author: Natalia Walicka


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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