The Magic Of Love

If you think that Love can be decomposed into components:

  • Interest

  • Sexual attraction

If no sexual attraction is Friendship. If there is no Interest – just a desire to satisfy their sexual needs without further obligation.

But if you have both, there is magic. And you not only want to have this man, but I wonder what coffee he likes, what movies looks, what breathes and lives, to gladden, to indulge, to amaze. And, of course, in this case, everyone wants RECIPROCITY. That's when it is – life becomes a Paradise when there is no -…

Thirty seven million nine hundred fifty seven thousand six hundred fifty one

When we talk about Love, the mutual Love we have in mind. Probably, this is the highest award that can be in Life. Because it is such Love is accompanied by positive emotions – joy, satisfaction, tenderness, inspiration. She inspires and brings. It's like we're floating above the ground. Because positive Emotions we relax and how to "expand", as opposed to the negative that we squaremouth, clench, breathe do not give.

Was is some kind of test, a test of strength if you want to. When there is no reciprocity, a sick Man. No, positive emotions, he also feels when he sees the object of his Love, when talking to him, etc. But the understanding that you're unloved, fills the Soul with 90% of negative emotions. We begin to engage in self-blame, self-abasement, filled with anger and irritation. WHY? This was written specially for Alla Ryzhkova.

It may be worthwhile to understand a little bit? Yes, Yes, of course, Reason and Feelings – the category that stand at different poles, and any reasonable arguments and conclusions it is impossible to get rid of non-reciprocity.... Can not get rid of – as it is a Feeling and they need to pass through itself. But, maybe, if the "right" to connect your Logic you can speed up this process or at least guide him in the right direction. The channel through which these feelings will go away and not accumulate.

I have to say – your Love need to Express, to show and not hope that "she needs to understand." Love – show it, say the words and beautiful actions. Act! How many of these non-reciprocal Love ended in nothing because the Object of Desire were not even aware of the raging passions or perceived as a loving friend, a good neighbor or friend! What a shame after some time to say: "I didn't know you treated me! Why didn't you say anything?»

Because a lot of thought! "What if she does not then think, and suddenly Rasheeda will leave and I'll never see".....

Friends! We're now logically! And so what?The important thing is that you will gain from your actions is the RESULT! And that is what you AFRAID to. Are you AFRAID, afraid, AFRAID!And as a result – any Result, but one of frustration and uncertainty!

Just take what she really could laugh, turn around and leave, and maybe even say nasty words. You LOVE that Person (at least you think so) – and at the same time AFRAID! FEAR LOVE is not built, and if built, it is DISLIKE. And if you are afraid now, what will you go then, but would not hear "no"? Gradually you will become a henpecked, and will bend all the time....And this is NOT Love, this is ADDICTION.

Seventy eight million eight hundred one thousand seven hundred two

Well, so far your relationship and not enter, but the RESULT you get in the beginning is the starting point for further action. Even if this point will be painful. This pain will pass more quickly than constant stretching pain and fear of uncertainty.

And most importantly – no matter what they say, the important thing is that you already got over your Fear and can go no further. Even if the answer is, you are not satisfied and upset, you will know it and will be able to decide to try again, or retreat and accept the fact that now your loved one well without you. And here, most importantly, not to succumb again to my Fear in the form of frustration, apathy, etc. These energies are not creative, but destructive. First and foremost, Deplete you.

Of course, in this case, they can take place. It is one thing to run them through yourself, to feel and release, and another to go on about them ruining his Life, and the lives of others. Don't be afraid of negative Emotions and take them as take joy, pleasure, happiness. If you're not hooked, they will pass through you and leave how goes the just arrived train at the metro station. At the same time, they will make you stronger and more confident.

Though, because you won't be afraid of them, you will know that I will be able to cope with them.Be happy in Love and experience as many positive Emotions!

Author: Alla Ryzhkova, especially for


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