Your mistakes are your teachers!

When a small child is crying – it wants something. Creek one, the reasons are different. Only a mother can understand what her baby wants. But initially, she accepts her child as he is. She realizes that he can't Express in words the cause of the pain or discomfort. But if he cries – so there must be a reason.

And in life. If a problem arises, before you start looking for the cause, ACCEPT YOURSELF the way YOU ARE, ACCEPT the SITUATION, NOT RESISTING AND NOT FIGHTING WITH HER MENTALLY.

Tell yourself – this whole situation is for me and with my direct participation. I need to understand YOURSELF. With me says some part of me, which is painful and uncomfortable, and therefore, that therefore, with this situation, she tries to get through to my consciousness, my attention to the problem that has arisen advises Alla Ryzhkova, especially for


Maybe you do not take his life, condemn aggressive for something or someone to relate. Take a closer look. Maybe this something is the part of you that you don't want to admit it, turn away from which, for which you are ashamed.

Aboutry difficult to accept that a painful situation has been created by you yourself. It is not easy to see ourselves in the person who hurts you. Even harder to see, to accept and understand the painful situation, which lasts for a long time, and involving the people closest to you. Difficult to see in a new light the situation that lasts for years, and you, as you seem to know everything. Difficult to see a different meaning than before in the actions of people who are hurting you.

You need to understand that once you neustraivaet situation lasts very long, so your action is wrong. If you go in a circle not a month or a year, then in certain circumstances you are USUALLY, as well as operated ALL the TIME.

Albert Einstein formulated the principle called "the principle of madness". It says that it is impossible, continuing to do the same thing over and over again to expect different results every time.

Look at the situation from the outside. Maybe you will be able to submit it yourself instead of someone else. Play it in your mind. Maybe a side view will help you see what you haven't paid attention. Didn't pay, because I think it does not deserve attention.

What side of your character, and emotions are manifested most clearly in this situation, you and your opponent? What are the qualities, the actions of others cause you resentment, criticism and rejection? Look to yourself.

Maybe it's something you don't want to see in yourself? Don't want to admit that these qualities are inherent to you? Or Vice versa. You are on to something so linked (e.g., purity) that you find it difficult to accept the opposite in others.

In the first and second cases, situations cause you to have strong VOLTAGE and as a consequence discomfort.

VOLTAGE says that your energy is not flowing smoothly and freely. In your energy field have any congestion. As well as the stone encountered in the Creek. You don't want him to notice the stone. It will need to dig in yourself – and who knows what you can dig up. Maybe more than a dozen of the pebbles.

But it is very painful! It hurts to look for the causes in yourself, not in others! Much easier to say he is guilty, they are guilty, etc. to absolve themselves of any responsibility for this situation. It's easier to mentally justify himself before him, to denigrate others. And Woo-a-La! With proudly lift my head to meet the following trouble.


OUR TROUBLE IS OUR TEACHER.And their causes in ourselves. Behold the root! Find the answer within himself. Just don't make yourself guilty! Not ashamed, and don't beat yourself up! Though in the beginning it is not easy, and often comes down to this. But when the first step is taken, the second is easier. And over time, you will begin to perceive their "mistake" quietly, don't make them the problem, and to use as prompts.

No one teaches us to work with ourselves and to see in the world around us is a reflection of the inner world, the spiritual. But what the man is mental and emotional levels — and there is the surrounding reality. Therefore, the ancient proverb is always relevant — you want to know the world – know thyself. Want to change the world – start with yourself.


And to know yourself, I can tell you is not always pleasant...

Especially frustrating to take responsibility for the unpleasant and ridiculous situation.

Frustrating to find the qualities that you think you are missing and which are so readily condemned in others.

Unpleasant and painful to disclose their emotional wounds, finding and removing the ones that interfere with the normal flow of your energy stream.

But as soon as you have taken the first step, no matter how painful and unpleasant it may be...

As soon as you feel you get your first stone, while not throwing it in someone else's garden...


When I stopped to listen to unsolicited advice...One of the main lessons that you must pass


Following the stones you already own will look for ...

And soon you will see how they all turn into the precious gems of your life experience...

You not only saw because he had not removed the old dusty glasses...


Author: Alla Ryzhkova, especially for


Source: Alla Ryzhkova


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