How to grow sweet potatoes in the middle lane

How to grow Yam or sweet potato Yam or sweet potato likes to grow in warm conditions. Especially in need of warm root part of the plant. So in the middle lane, the climatic conditions do not meet such requirements, it is necessary to resort to new inventions and methods.

To ensure proper temperature of the roots of sweet potatoes need to build a special garden and make a layer of mulch film. This garden soil is always warmed, which is necessary for a good harvest.


Preparation of the beds under the sweet potato

If you act in the traditional way, you can build a small greenhouse or a greenhouse, but let's try a new way, more efficient, which has long been used in Canada. The bed should be located on land with good lighting and the greatest amount of sunlight. It should be slightly raised (like a comb). The height and width of the beds about 40 inches, but inter-row spacing of about one meter. In the middle of a narrow garden beds need to make a groove of small depth. Then the whole garden is served by plastic film, the light in the middle of which (in the direction of the groove), you need to make a small hole at a distance of 20 or 40 cm (depending on varieties of sweet potato). They are needed for planting cuttings of sweet potato.

Around the perimeter of the beds the edges of the film must be thoroughly covered with soil, and cut holes – a small amount of sand. Sand absorbs water very well, and then gives it to the plants in the garden.

When choosing films for the beds , we must note that the opaque film of black color very well heated and holds heat, but does not give it the soil. But the plastic film that transmits light, well-flowing and warm and, in contrast black film, for a long time, it keeps the heat inside. For the cultivation of Yam with mulching foil layer is very important to keep warm in bed as long as possible.

Weeds may appear on the bed with sweet potatoes, but it very quickly wither under the film and will not have time to leave seeds for the next generation. In the following season the problems with weeds will not.

Film mulch has several positive qualities:

  • Protects the plant from temperature changes.
  • Supports root part of the culture warm.
  • Holds the necessary amount of moisture.
  • Facilitates access by the plant nutrition from the soil.
  • Provides an opportunity for early planting of the cuttings.

Rules of planting sweet potato
Preparation for planting starts in about a week. First you need to cut the cuttings from a tuber, if you want to split them apart (for 30-40 cm in length) and place in a warm water with a temperature of over 25 degrees for rooting. Planting can begin when the roots will grow about 5 centimeters, not more. Long roots to grow is not recommended, as it negatively affects the quality and appearance of the future tuber.

Since the sweet potato plant is thermophilic, planted his cuttings need only in well-heated soil with a constant temperature of about 18 degrees. A regular thermometer will help to determine the date of planting. The soil temperature must be measured at a depth of approximately 10 centimeters.

It so happens that the cuttings formed roots and they urgently need to land, and the weather conditions do not permit this. In such cases, you can plant sweet potatoes in containers for seedlings and hold it for some time in the room. But in any case do not keep the cuttings in water, it is harmful to plants. Once established warm weather, can be transplanted seedlings of sweet potato to the open ground.

If there is quite opposite situation – the soil ready for planting, but the cuttings have no roots, you can plant them like this. Just have the first time watering the young plants that they were able to quickly take root. And it is advisable to create shadow conditions during this period. Do not worry, the culture will definitely survive.

Planting sweet potatoes is better done in the evening or in cloudy weather. First you need to prepare planting holes to a depth of from 7 to 15 centimetres (depending on the size of the cuttings) in those places where was done the cuts in the film coating. Then you need plenty of water all the wells and plant the cuttings in a horizontal position. On the surface of the soil must remain at least three leaves.


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With all the growing conditions cuttings and preparing the beds and also under favorable conditions and using film mulch the sweet potatoes very quickly take root in a new place and starts to develop actively.published





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