Masterpieces of Soviet photography

Anthology photos of the XX century in a new project named gallery. brothers Lyumer.Na minute stop a madman running of the third millennium and enjoy the atmosphere of the era when our parents were children.

Names of Photographers Soviet hardly known to the general public. The time has come to call them and talk about their contribution to the arts. Against the backdrop of historical events, several times turned them upside down the whole country upside down, proceeded lives of ordinary people, the ones that go to work every day, fell in love, raising children, rejoice in small things, and sometimes worried over nothing. All this is reflected in the photographs collected Gallery. the Lumiere brothers in uniform "Anthology┬╗.

Large-scale and intimate, joyful and disturbing, heartwarming and cause indignation - each work carries its emotional charge and attracts the viewer's attention for a long time. AdMe .ru offers a selection of twenty-five frames of the most expressive collection project recreating the mood of the time.

Gunars Binde "The Road" 1975

Yuri Krivonosov "After the Ball", 1954

Dmitry Sviridov Vozdvyzhensky Nina "Goalkeepers", 1970

Lev Borodulin "We play volleyball", 1965

Alexander Ptitsyn "trick", 1964

Vladimir Bogdanov, "F. G. Ranevskaya "1968

Andrey Knyazev "Bench youth", 1970

Vladimir Lagrange "Granny", 1961

Matorin Nikolai "The rhythm of work", 1960

Valdis Browns "Elegy", 1970

Vasily Yegorov, "The surprise Yevgeny Morgunov" 1970

Michael Trahman "Festival of Youth and Students. On the streets of Moscow ", 1957

Eugene Umnov "Swan", 1963

Alexander Ustinov "Victory Parade" 1945

Alexander Grashchenkov "Dolganka" 1979

Mikola Gnisyuk "The Rooks Have Arrived", 1964

Igor Gnevashev "Resurrection", 1965

Vadim Vikhansky "Two", 1965

Vladimir Lagrange "Solfeggio", 1967

Wilhelm Mikhailovsky "Transition" 1975

Alexander Ptitsyn "Siberian Oil" 1962

Mikhail Dashevsky "Games in the yard", 1970

Boris Kaufman, "Who will be the new owner of the dating service?", 1970

Victor Akhlomov "I spit on Malthus' 1960

Gregory Mhitarayan "March sun", 1962

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