The most creative way to quit

How to make a surprise and leave colleagues to remember you nadolgo.Uvolnyatsya to work simply by writing a letter of resignation on their own - boring and uninteresting. Another thing - a creative approach to the process and remains in the memory already former colleagues. And that they novices then told stories about you.

Website is the idea of ​​Eliza Portfild (Elyse Porterfield), which came up with a series of photos with the inscriptions on the whiteboard. The result was the whole story, because of which the girl will remember for a long time.

Happy Monday everyone!

I uvolnyayus

During those two years I learned a lot nauchilas

Of course, I'll miss all vam

Also odnogo

Yes, Spencer, I look at tebya

Be your assistant - it's like hell pobyvat

I suffered your harakter

And your breath rta

On Friday, I translated to you zvonok

And was about to put trubku

And then you suddenly called me «hopa»


HOPA = Hot popka

It's all about what you're thinking all the time about me?

Have you ever thought about tom

Why waste an entire office calls korziny

DiSpenserizatorami garbage?

Spirit fell in the office after you have installed on your computer slezheniya

You watched as we spend time in internete

And here I was interesno

And what he is doing on the Internet Spencer?

You yourself gave me parol

4 hours a week - a site for treyderov

5 hours per week - TechCrunch

And ... ... fraction barabannnaya

20 hours per week - "Happy Farmer"

On this "hot ass" otklanivaetsya

Although I have no other raboty

Something tells me everything will horosho

ps. The most creative way to leave the corps de ballet dancer.



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