Women before 10 am

For several years the photographer Veronique Vial takes chasy.Utro women in the morning - a time when a woman can be myself, no makeup, no hair, at home - beautiful in its natural beauty! At this time, she did not have the opportunity to play a role or wear a mask.

Veronique just come alone in the house and started shooting. No make-up artists, assistants and extra light. Famous women, like the rest, yawn, smoke, someone else "asleep" and really like and did not get up, and someone is already playing with children and animals, and offers a welcoming cup of coffee.

Veronique herself says about her work: "When a person wakes up, he has not had time to fasten his mask, he was still half asleep, he never shows. He's just someone who actually is. And they're all - listen, they are so touching! ยป

Tatiana Patits

Jennifer Bilz

Iona Skay

Milla Jovovich

Sofia Koppola

Anne Kyusak

Demi Mur

Diana Barton

Winona Rayder

Daryl Hanna

Naomi Kempbell

Denise Richards

Angelina Jolie

Claire Forlani

Julianne Mur

Mia Kirshner

Stephanie Smith

Emma Soberg

Patricia Arkett

Rosanna Arkett

Georgina Cates

Helena Kristensen

Sigourney Uiver

Reese Uizerspun

Laetitia Kasta

Julie Delpi

Amanda De Kadene

Gina Gershon

Alexander Styuart

Julia Staylz

Ariel Dombal

Eva Ionesko

Angie Everhart

Janice Dikinson

Laura Harring

Diane Kennon

Olivia Williams

Daphne Zuniga

Maxine Bans

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