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Photographer Roman Shalenkin takes surprisingly colorful portraits of ordinary Russian proles. Miners, Boilermakers, welders, slingers - that his characters. Textured, harsh and at the same time some very intimate portraits like amateurs and professionals of photography. And with his work "Early morning" novel was shortlisted for our photo contest AdMe Photo Awards 2013.

Therefore, Website spoke to the photographer and asked him to talk about himself and how he manages to take pictures so hard workers.

According to Roman, the camera fell into his hands by accident about five years ago. "Just an old SLR lying homes. It was necessary to remove some little thing ... But it was delayed ».

"I work in a small publishing house in Novosibirsk. Once I was asked to take pictures in the workplace. Publisher has agreed to take pictures, and I got to the plant. At first, I was impressed by the scale - a huge shop left the fire hisses right machine cuts metal gigantic proportions ».

"I attacked with a camera all in a row. I went and pestered with questions of the workers. They asked me questions. We met and talked. Over time, it became easier to engage in dialogue with them, go to the location, to create a positive and comfortable atmosphere ».

"But the first time was not easy to come into contact with the workers. For example, miners. Imagine - 20 are tough guys. The dirty robe, all in the corner. And then it was taxiing to the boy in torn jeans with long hair and the whole hung with all sorts of devices. If you send them a brazen lens, it can be a couple of gentle in his address shlopotat. "

"That is why I first acquaintance. I communicate on topics close to them. Guys understand that all is not so with me and neglect. Like a person, and if the mine with them going, then all is fine. And along the way will talk to anyone, and will help you with things ».

"I like to go into the mine. Mining crews are usually very friendly, worked. Know each other for a long time, many families are friends. With them fun. Everything is done with humor. Without this, it seems to me, the work would be unbearable ».

"For the rough, dirty hands and biting materkom hiding responsive and good guys. Sometimes you meet with a man somewhere in between times, and 15 minutes for life to each other spread ».

"I like to leave the bustle of the city and into the other world. I exaggerate, of course, about the other world, but it is much easier. I like the openness and simplicity in people ».

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Text: Roman Shalenkin specifically for the site



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