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So from any nonsense can be made subject to dissertatsii.Lyubuyu thought can convey to the interlocutor very simple or very complicated. This once again convinced users of social networks, which have tried to retell the Russian proverbs and sayings using scientific terms.

Website gathered 20 of the most striking examples of how easy it is to make mountains out of molehills - ie Diptera arthropods convert to Khobotova mammal.

«The binary nature of the statements of the individual, the loss of social activity» ( Granny half said ); «Problems of transporting liquids in vessels with variable structure density» ( to carry water in a sieve ); «Optimization of the dynamics of the work of draft vehicles, which are the elimination originally destructive transport unit» ( A woman with a cart - the mare is easier ); «Non-standard methods of treatment for scoliosis by the departure of ritual services» ( leopard change his spots ); «Problems of increase of very fine oxide diatomic hydrogen mechanically» ( tread water ); «The positive impact of low IQ to increase the set of problems in the implementation of employment» ( Work fools love ); li > «Solipsism poultry in relation to non-ruminant mammals of the order Artiodactyla» ( Gus pig is not a friend ); «The characteristic external signs as a pretext for usurping the most favorable social status on market »( From the snout so in Kalashny number ); « anthropomorphic approach to creating wedding cell »( Who and mare Bride ); «Syndrome refusal to legitimize, based on the lack of opportunities quick identification» ( I'm not me, and not my horse ); «Impact of seasonal weather conditions the process of accounting birds »( chickens before they are hatched ); « ambivalent nature of neural impulses emitted by the cerebral cortex »( And you want to, and prickly strong >); «Laws of the ratio of length horny epidermis with the amount of gray matter in the skull» ( The hair is long, but the mind is short ); «A variety of legal Act prevails over the currency means »( Persuasion more money ); « No use of typical elements of residential architecture in the denial climax manifestations contemplative and tactile emotions »( Love Potatoes do not throw out the window ); «Neutrality taste characteristics of plants cruciferous relative to vegetable crops in central Russia» ( Horseradish radish is not sweeter ); «Antitezisnye properties mentally handicapped actors in the context of the implementation of government regulations» ( Fools law does not apply ); «The lack of progress, regress in the metabolism of the body when changing the ratio of fats and carbohydrates in traditional dishes sedentary peoples »( Porridge oil will not spoil ); « Place nasekomovidnyh in hierarchical systems of pyramidal type »( Everyone cricket stick to his last < /); «The pattern of increasing personal value of the subject after receiving a traumatic experience» ( For a broken two unbeaten give ).

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