The most beautiful tunnels in the world

As it wants to go. Or stop gaping rot.Priroda beautiful, but there is nothing more magical than to be under the shadow of trees in the form of a live tunnel. He formed naturally or with a little help talented gardeners, a corridor of trees will enchant everyone who walk under his lucky green branches.

Website to collect for you the most beautiful tunnels, which is an enticing prospect for him.

Dark fence, North Irlandiya

© Stephen Emerson

© Christopher Tait

Mysterious tunnel from Northern Ireland as though descended from the cover of an old book. James Stewart beeches planted in the 18th century to impress your guests at the entrance to his house Greyskhil.

Road to Halnaker, Velikobritaniya

© Sam Moore

This truly is a fabulous tunnel near the town Halnaker, Sussex, England. He is incredibly popular with photographers, which is not surprising.

Tunnel of cherry, Yaponiya

© okera japan

Tunnel of love, Ukraina

© Oleg Gordienko

Bamboo Trail, Yaponiya

© Yuya Horikawa

The bamboo grove in the town of Kyoto, Japan - a place full of peace and mystery. Through it is a picturesque path length of 300 meters, separated by a fence from the stems of the trees.

Old Grove, Niderlandy

© Lars van de Goor

Purple Tunnel, South Afrika

© imgur

If you love the color purple - the tunnel for you! In Johannesburg, it is man-made forest of more than 10 million trees. Tropical trees, including 49 species of Jacaranda. In October, when they bloom, the land is covered with blue and violet petals.

Autumn Landscape, Polsha

© pawel uchorczak

Flowers of wisteria, Yaponiya

© imgur

Walking through this tunnel of wisteria can feel like a real royalty. Flowers of wisteria hanging in clusters like grapes, begin to bloom as soon wither cherries. Every spring festival celebrating Japanese wisteria in Tokyo.

Tunnel of broom, Velikobritaniya

© Tony Shertila

The English manor located Bodnantov arch Laburnum. Maybe someday she was simply an arch, now it's a real tunnel, 55 meters long, entirely covered with blooming "gold" earrings.

Park "Francisco Alvarado," Costa Rika

© Vytautas Šėrys

In Costa Rica, the park is shaped Francisco Alvarado, named named Filipino writer. Its creator - landscaper evangelists Brenes - famous for having created the tunnel, using only the clippers.

Cypress tunnel SSHA

© Michael Brandt

The station in Chinhae, South Koreya

© Aaron Choi

The street in Bonn, Germaniya

© Adas Meliauskas

This street in Bonn for two weeks in the year, becoming one of the most romantic alleys of the cherry blossoms. There is quite a lively traffic but the photographer managed to capture the very moment when the district did not have anybody.

Street in the city of Porto Alegre, Braziliya

© Stephen Messenger

In the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre is a street that is worthy of the title of one of the most beautiful avenue in the world. High ranks tipuan spreading on both sides of the road to create a green vaulted corridor, which is similar to the mythical forest.

Ginkgo tree, Yaponiya

© mrhayata

Trees Gingko Biloba - one of the most revered in Japan. Some of these trees have suffered atomic bombings in Hiroshima. They are called the "symbol of hope" or "living fossils».



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