Minsker creates amazing things Steampunk

However, the name of its fashion direction Dmitry learned recently.

Large round-rimmed glasses in copper, copper bracelet on his arm, the phone in the copper casing is an amazing design of the buttons and levers, - the fascination in the guise of steampunk Dmitry Tihonenko says a lot.

Workshop Dmitry officially engaged in the repair of household appliances. Tuning refrigerators and electric stoves - it is rather a hobby that has become the hallmark of Tihonenko. In a separate room, where there are works of Dmitry, let not everyone. We knew to ordinary customers Tihonenko what wonders it can create, probably would have gasped.

"Passion for the metal began in the army, where he served in the Northern Fleet in the Barents Sea. On the ship, many details of copper that you regularly have to scrub. Gradually it grew into a habit, - Dmitry smiling. - First articles made of copper were nemudrenyh - ornaments dembelskogo album: Letters, ships ... And if you dig a little deeper, my father all my life worked as a mechanic, and was so good at his business, which puts on its products nominal stigma. This was considered aerobatics at the plant, parts made with hands of his father, did not even have to pass OTC ».

After three years in the Navy, Dmitry immediately got in an atmosphere of "dashing nineties". Like many young people at that time, engaged in buying and selling, and eventually became the owner of a workshop for repair of household appliances, is doing to this day. In parallel, he began to collect antiquities from nonferrous metal. Since always had to work with appliances, master wanted to do something special for yourself. That offers a world-serial manufacturers did not suit him.

"From my grandmother was a working refrigerator, throw it was a pity, he decided to" upgrade ", - says Dmitry. - Follow the microwave oven was after - a plate ... If someone rests in bars for a pool table, I went to the workshop ».

That is a steampunk, Dmitry learned in 2011. Amazingly, before he tuned set of units of household appliances, even not knowing what works in a particular style.

"Come to me one day an email: guys from Moscow saw my work and was invited to the festival of steampunk. I answer them: guys, you're wrong, I'm no punk ...- laughs Dmitry. - After sorted out, I read books, look photo reports from meetings stimpankerov and realized this is my ».

As you have probably realized, Dmitry Tihonenko - a solid man, so he soon created a Belarusian website dedicated Steampunk and, in fact, become one of the main movers of this culture in our country, while remaining in their own way unique. If the majority of stimpankerov main goal - to create the image, a fake suit, then Dmitry every thing that he had made to function. On the neck of the master hanging goggles, or, as they are called, "Goglev" belt - leather apron, such it constantly can be seen for the machine, so that steampunk party he comes in everyday work clothes.

"Every button, each lever operates with rare exception, and performs a specific function, - says Dmitry showing their products. - Moreover, I try to make the thing was not only beautiful, but also comfortable and maintainable. To do this, for example, a plate made viewing window is open, you can see what's going on in the oven ».

"This is one of the first models of flat-panel TVs. The case she had a traditional - silver plastic, and I do not want it, so at home we are all in the yellow metal. More than a year it gather dust in a box until I am for him, finally he took. Now the TV in a copper "cover" all the buttons work (their design was borrowed from the wind instruments). The only props on it - next to the keys coil, it's just decoration. Then he said to a TV Case for DVD-player, speakers, made from an old "Radio". The columns in the form of sockets on top of the same workers. My friend is engaged horn acoustics, and I made them just for his drawings ».

Kofe machine was created simultaneously with the TV, and gradually developed into a large project. To it was added a bar, made on special order. Top arranged beverage containers. Below several shelves, each of which bears its own particular function. The first is a copper tray, the second stored utensils, crockery and this is heated with a special device.

And, of course, telephone. He noticed all at once. Several years ago, his wife Olga gave Dmitry Nokia 6670, which, after a long and hard work turned into a work of art.

"Metal shields the signal, and most of all I had to tinker with the output of the antenna, - says the master. - But the problem was solved. The result is striking: each of the buttons work, we do personally inspect ».

Na each product Dmitry puts nominal stigma and attaches special number plate, which is encrypted several important parameters for it. Master tune refrigerators, microwaves, hoods, coffee makers, televisions, washing ...

Na tablets today there are more than a hundred items, but to see them and purchase is very easy: most of the works master, or presents to friends, or places at home. There are exceptions. For example, a coffee machine "Copper Joe" tune Tihonenko, recently standing in the club TNT And recently "improved" his hands appliances appeared in the transfer of "Housing Problem."

Tihonenko discuss the "issue price" refuses, he says that most of his works shown are not sold, but admits that sometimes still makes something on the order. For example, he is now working on the columns that appear in one of the capital's clubs.

"Friends call me happy, - says goodbye to the master - Besides the fact that I have a lovely wife and children, I'm doing a favorite hobby that even brings a little bit of money. What is necessary to enjoy life? »

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