The most amazing homes and offices

I suggest you look amazing homes and offices, which are made in the style of steampunk.
Steampunk - is a special genre that emerged in the 1980s.
It consists of the elements of science fiction and alternate history.

This apartment measures 167 square meters for many years belonged to film director Jeremy Norittsu. Who apartment for sale for 1, 75 million dollars. Two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room filled with all sorts of "old" mechanisms and other stylized pieces, and then to let off steam.

The interior of the restaurant Smith & Mills in New York

House of Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum in Sharon (MA)

Outside the house as the house. And inside ...

In 2007, the couple founded the company Rosenbaum ModVic, which is engaged in restoration and redesign. This home - their first project.

House called Neverwas Haul, 2006

This building in the style of "steampunk" was built for the festival «Burning Man», which is held once a year in Nevada. With 75 percent of it is made from recycled materials.

House on a tree-style "steampunk»

This extravagant structure is in Milton (Delaware)

Office in San Francisco

Another office in San Francisco (with a cat pipe)



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